ADVISORY: Stone Crab Season


ADVISORY: Stone Crab Season

Well ladies and gents across the nation, there is some exciting news starting in October… Stonies Are Back!

Yes, it’s true no matter where you are, you can find a Florida based fishery that will overnight them to you and quench your every craving for the luxury of an ice cold crab leg dipped in spicy mustard sauce!

With Stone Crab season officially underway in Florida, we know what you are thinking, this all sounds amazing, but maybe a little bit out of my price range? Well, if it makes you feel any better, there isn’t any inflation on price per pound this year, the fisherman say prices should stay the same as last year!

What makes Stone Crabs such a special seafood item is that they can only be harvested legally during certain times of the year, from Oct. 15 through May 15, causing the demand and anticipation to send hungry customers flocking to restaurants purchasing pounds and pounds!

YFact: 40% of Florida’s stone crab harvest comes from waters off the Florida Keys.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has strict laws in place for folks who want to go out and snag some crabs from the ocean, but most importantly… the recommendation that harvesters only take one claw from each crab EVEN if both of the claws appear to be matching legal size… Y? Well, the law was established to protect the Crab, so that it can defend itself against predators and be able to obtain more food for itself. There is also a limit on the amount of claws one can bring onto shore, rules are set per the number of folks aboard the ship and the size of the boat!

YFact: Wondering what happens to the missing claw? Crabs regenerate their missing claw, by next year’s season and we get to indulge in them again!

Now we all know that with Stone Crabs, working our way through to that sweet meat is part of the journey, so have your mallet ready and some hash browns and an unforgettable meal awaits… Now if you find yourself a bit remote from the Florida straits, you can always reach out to Joe’s Stone Crab, a restaurant founded in 1913, which still runs as a family operation, and has some of the best claws in the United States and the BEST Key Lime Pie too!

So Good Luck and Good Eats!