Pumpkin Carving 1..2..3

Along with Fall comes  not only pumpkin everything but also fall festivities with friends. For instance, the most traditional of them all, pumpkin carving

Now no matter what age you are, this is fun and a good excuse to change up  a night. It goes back to the basics of just doing an activity together with your friends and having fun, enjoying the season.

It may seem daunting but it’s not and I am here to break it down

1. Pick out a medium -sized pumpkin with a nice shape from your local grocery store..

2. Lay out newspaper on a flat surface where you plan to carve the pumpkin.

3. Grab a sharp cutting knife and start cutting a circle around the stem of the pumpkin leaving at least an inch space from the stem to where ou start cutting. Watch your fingers!

4. Now here comes the messy part! Once you pop off the top of the pumpkin, start scooping out the guts (a.k.a the seeds and meat).

5. Now that it’s clean, start carving the face you want! Take your time!

6. Once you’re happy with your design, pop in a tea light and watch your design glow!