Always Remember #911

14 years ago to the day our nations innocence was lost and so was that of the children who today are the generation known as Millennials.

On the morning of September 11th, 2001, I along with most Americans still remember where I was, the incompatible feelings of resolute fear brewing inside of my blood and the unknown cloud of thoughts that whirled in my mind, like a funnel cloud of outright trepidation.

Having just entered my teens exactly 3 months prior to the attack, I couldn’t quite grasp how drastically my world had and would continue to change, from that morning on, until looking back upon that moment as an adult. September 11th shaped my youth and hence our growth; ‘Terrorism’ was a new vocabulary word for us. You see, most of the world had been exposed to it’s wrath, but the bubble of my childhood alla’ Americana had prevented me and most other Y babies from ever knowing the true meaning of that word.

We grew up with ‘Lamb Chop’ and ‘Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood’ … Disney World and ‘The Little Mermaid’… Carvel and Dippin Dots… Unlike many of our parents who were children during Vietnam and saw the nation under duress, Millennial’s in the United States couldn’t quite comprehend that. It’s a mere fact… we were sheltered, from the truth of war and danger, until that fretful morn. THAT level of fear had never shown its light on our shores, and had never even entered our scope of thought.

Our parents blessed us with their bounty and provided us safe environments, decorated with extra curricular activities and ‘Happy Meals’… But living in fear, that was not something we knew or had a game plan for.

On that day thousands of American lives were lost, beautiful spirits who will live on into our forever memory, they have been commemorated at the 9-11 Memorial at One World Trade in Downtown, Manhattan and in our hearts. The first time I stepped foot onto that memorial park, I couldn’t help the overwhelming tide of emotional query that washed over me, it was something I had never felt, and haven’t felt since. I could feel the loss, the spirit of American faith and ingenuity and the fear all at once.

Hundreds and hundreds of children lost their guiding lights that day and/or had one or both of their parents injured in the destruction… those children are Millennials.

We went to war in the Middle East after that day and many of those young soldiers who were 18 and have gone to fight that battle over the past 14 years, most of those, are Millennials.

Our U.S. economy was battered after that day and has struggled to gain back its independence ever since. A motivator leading unto the 2008 World recession, which our economy is still picking up the pieces from— having left many families stranded, jobless and hurt… with hopes and dreams of fallen shooting stars. Those are Millennials.

So you see, when folks go to look at the lives that were affected by that attack of pure evil… let us not underscore, that there was a generation of children, now adults… who were groomed by the bounty of fear that September day engraved onto America and Millennials have yielded the crop of that fretful morning.

Y’s will NEVER forget…
Y’s will ALWAYS remember…

Y? We don’t know anything else.