Ladurée Me Please!

IMG_6726.JPGSometimes don’t you wish you could be strolling down the Avenue des Champs Elysées with a view of the Arc de Triomphe on one end, and the Place de La Concorde on the other? Carousing the cobblestone streets of Paris, peeking into the designer stores and striding shoulders with chic Parisians… Let’s face it people, that’s not an everyday occurrence for us when you live in the States! BUT…

There are some fantastic and accessible ways to inspire your senses, making it feel as though you are visiting and enjoying the cultural muses of a European ‘mode de vie’! Yelp is your new BFF, use it and abuse it… Constantly expand your culinary palate, by trying new exciting edible adventures. These adventures are one of the best assets of living in the states, because so many folks from vast corners of the globe call the US of A home, and they have opened small hidden gastro- gems throughout our nation, now it’s our duty to find them and taste everything they have to offer! Another way to explore is… by visiting culturally authentic grocery stores in your community, and trying to cook up some of these delicacies yourself! One of the best features of having the internet and food networks at the tip of your fingers, is the variety of ‘do it yourself’ recipes you can try to whip up at home, with your family. Finally Save, Save, Save! Those extra little pennies will go a long way on little weekend getaway trips; it’s crazy what you can learn when you search the unknown and explore outside your bubble!

Recently in New York City I visited one of my favorite little morsures of France in America, nestled between E 70th & E 71st Street on that famous Madison Avenue… Ladurée!

Ladurée has mastered wrapping the elegant and chic effervescence of a Parisian IT spot, into one luscious bite of a chewy, crunchy, fragrant and melt in your mouth Macaron.

This Parisian tea rooms’ history began in 1862, when Louis Ernest Ladurée, a miller from the southwest of France, founded a bakery in Paris at 16 rue Royale. In 1871 The Ladurée family turned a burnt down bakery into a pastry shop and entrusted the decoration of the pâtisserie to Jules Cheret, a famous turn-of-the-century painter and poster artist, the rest is history.

The Ladurée mission exclaims their brand, “Half-way between a Parisian café and a cake shop, Ladurée Fabricant de Douceurs is the temple of gastronomy and pastry innovation where each creation moment is of high intensity.” Ladurée Online

Decades later, the success of Ladurée still reigns true! Wondering what the secret is? By combining the style of a traditional Parisian café and the delicacies of a French patisserie, Ladurée has aroused the sensation in every girls dreamland and piped it into a bite-sized confection, their signature delicacy the Macaron!

For over 150 yeras, the universal explosion for the Macaron is reasoned by its burst in your mouth sensation, the second the heavenly cookie combination, made of almond flour and powdered sugar, begins to melt on your tongue! The 2 layers of fluffy almond meringue-like cookies are stuffed with dollops of delicate ganache, buttercream and original Ladurée jams, which match-up as the epitome of sweet and savory perfection!

YTip: If you order a box of Ladurée Macaron’s make sure to keep them in a cool dry place, and try to consume the delicacies within 4 days of packaging… If you can resist that long!

Tempted Yet? Ladurée flavors, include: Lemon, Rasberry, Pistachio, Chocolat, Orange Blossom and Vanilla!

From gift collections of chocolates, candles, jams, vanity decor and the world renowned pastries… culminated with the classical French decor brimming in pastel glory and shimmering glamour, this Marie Antoinette soundtrack will set the mood and have you feeling like a Gossip Girl dreaming in Ladurée!

In the U.S. visit Ladurée’s full service SOHO Tea Salon for some divine French fare, or the Madison Avenue and Miami patisserie’s for some Macarons… Don’t fret you can also visit them at Ladurée online!

IMG_6712.JPG XOX, L.