Procrastinating THE Clean 


Don’t Judge!!!!!

All right, All right, All right… So maybe your room is cleaner than mine… But, this is a NO Judgment Zone!

It’s Saturday and for many that means fun in the sun… but, for others it simply means cleaning up that distraught room you’ve been putting off for months now, right?

We have just lightly nudged that half year mark, so it’s time to pick-up the messes in our lives and prepare for our approach to those Fall and Winter months, where we will be huddling in our abodes a bit more often.  The Y Life wanted to share with you some great tips for Keeping your Casa Clean!

6 Tips 4 ‘Keeping the Casa Clean’:

1. Swifter… Dry & Wet… Always Remember that Maintenance is KEY! Using Dry & Wet Swifting wipes daily will help maintain cleanliness in your home… the problem arises when you let it go too long and dirt builds up!

2. WEIMAN Stainless Steel Wipes… If you have little finger prints ALLOVER your stainless steel appliances that are driving you crazy, we found just the solution and it’s as Easy As 1-2-3! Use the wipes to clean the surface, immediately wipe off your appliances with a dry towel and you are good to go! YTip: Just remember you must always wipe clean and dry, with the ridge of the steel!

3. Clorox Wipes… Have Puppies? Well then, you know that even when they are crate/potty trained, they still have those pesky little accidents! One of my favorite tricks is using Lavender scented Clorox Wipes, because they not only clean up the mess, but keep the odors away!

4. Faucet Lemons… Whether you have a food processor, or you’ve opted for a simpler sink, it’s always good to refresh the pipes… You can process from fresh Lemon Wedges or just soak in some fresh squeezed Lemons, for a citrus scent that will be your perfect cure all!

5. Color Coordinated Closets… Always, Always, Always Color Coordinate your closet! If you are an extra crazed organizer like myself, go the extra mile and include fabric into your organizing! Part of the reasoning behind the messy photograph ^, is that I was stripping down my closet and reassessing it’s color coordination to make it more user friendly and easier to access.

6. White Flowers… Last but certainly not least, having fresh flowers in your home will always help your home feel fresh and clean! There is something so soothing and zen about incorporating fresh roses, tulips, hydrangeas, lilies, baby’s breath and peonies… If they are WHITE even better! Y? The delicacy of white blossoming flowers represent honesty, purity, and perfection; in fact, they are ideal if you wish to communicate a sense of elegance and innocence!