Mix It Monday: Vintage Wine & Some James Brown

To kick off this week with Mix It Monday…there’s some wine-o wisdom along with a gentle suggestion of going a bit old school, shall we say vintage for this is also The Y Life’s Vintage week.

What better to enjoy vintage than some James Brown and wine but what happens if you’re not in the mood for a glass? Or you opened some delicious drink of Dionysus, enjoyed some of it with friends but now have some left over?

Don’t want to throw it away?

Well, whether it’s vintage or younger, you can still save those delicious bottles without having to drink it. You’ve got some options.

Take it to the kitchen 

No need to drink it. Use your leftover wine to make some great sauce for your pasta or protein. There are plenty of recipes online that require wine. You can even make a chocolate wine cake if you’re in the mood for something sweet!

Summer “Winesicles” 

Put your left over wine in popsicle molds and pop them in the fridge for a cool treat on a summer day. You can even take them out while friends visit for a different type of treat!

Beautify yourself with it 

Use your leftover red wine for some beauty treatments. Red wine is packed with antioxidants that help restore your skin and exfoliate it.  You can either rub some on your face with some cotton  or soak in it for a full body effect! It will help your skin feel softer.

Clean up 

If you have left over white wine, use it to get rid of accumulated grease in your house. Mix it with one part baking soda, scrub it in and watch it get rid of built up grease in your grill and oven. Let it sit for a bit before scrubbing.

Oh and ‘Please, Please, Please’ don’t forget to sing some ‘I Feel Good!’