Yine- ing Around!


Walking through vineyards of Sonoma, California with my family

Toto we are not in Bordeaux anymore!

Since I can remember France has been put on a pedestal as the epicenter of the wine scene; If you had a trained palate, you leaned on the full-bodied wines of Bordeaux or if you sparkled for the bubbly, the perfected technique in the Champagne region of northeast Paris was the only way to go! It was a fact of life, rumor had it that Burgundy and Champagne, the Bordeaux region of Aquitaine were the three of the most famous wine-producing regions in the world.

Champagne has been the center for what is arguably France’s best-known wine since the 17th century, when the innovative monk Dom Pierre Pérignon, is credited with bringing a sparkle to champagne. As sparkling wine became the dominant style of production in the region of Champagne during the mid-19th century, Pérignon’s tricks of the trade played grave influence in bubbling the formula… he avoided re-fermentation and didn’t allow the grapes to be trodden, favoring the use of multiple presses to help minimizing the maceration of the juice and using only natural processes, without the addition of foreign substances!

All right, All right so the French have a little history on their side, but let’s face it Y’s can’t just hop on a plane and go Yine tasting in France at the drop of a hat, right?!

So if you are looking for a fun new experience to have this Summer… Y not try researching wine in your state and go for a little field trip with some friends?! America has been producing wines for nearly 300 years and take it from my experience there are some lovely wineries tucked into nooks all over our country, which are full of some incredible blends that will leave your taste buds quite satisfied! From Malibu, California to Long Island, New York .. Miami, Florida to Oregon and New Mexico… Y’s are Yining in America!


L visiting Pindar Vineyards, founded in 1979, in North Fork of Long Island.

I am no sommelier, but it’s no doubt that California is America’s wine capital, in quality and volume producing nearly 89% of U.S. wine, but a variety of beautiful wines are now produced all over our country… Yes, that means wine is now produced in all 50 U.S. states! Y U.S. History Fact: One of the first commercial wineries in the United States was founded in 1787 by Pierre Legaux in Pennsylvania!

Wine is everywhere and as we mature and leave those kegs in the rear view mirror, Y not Yine? Like, who knew that tucked into that dry and arid New Mexico land, was some perfect growing conditions for champagne-style grapes?! Yup, these vineyards are defying the odds and creating new world flavors to help attract folks, they are even offering unique dining experiences honing in on the intricacies of YFoodies, who love to treat their palates to one of a kind experiences.

Recently my best friend and I went for a girls day to the Cornell Winery and Tasting Room and it turned out to be the perfect setting for some wine inspired gossip! Cornell in all its wooden country glory and clad with a stunning crystal chandelier is a lovely tasting room, nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains… acting as a guide to Southern California wine, Cornell allows visitors the opportunity to explore a majority of the local wines made in the mountains on the central coast, between Monterey and LA. If you happen to be in the Southern California neighborhood, stop into the Cornell Winery & Tasting Room located in the hills at: 29975 Mulholland Hwy in Agoura.


An afternoon tasting at Cornell Winery & Tasting Room in the Santa Monica Mountains

If you are planning ahead for a romantic Fall weekend getaway with your beau, hop on a flight to LGA, rent a car and take a mini road trip into Long Island, where there are about 50 wineries to sip from! As you drive down the perfectly Fall-en orange and red leaf clad streets and soak in that crisp Northeast Autumn air, make sure to stop on into some of those roadside barns selling fresh farm goods and homemade preserves!

So put away the passports and take out the road map… Y’s are on their way to tasting their way through America’s Yine!