Mix It Monday… Andy Grammer

The Y Life is back on it this ‘Mix It Monday’ sharing our favorite tune of the week, this cloudy Monday is L’s turn at the table … Pun intended!

‘Honey, I’m Good.’ Was created by a Los Angelino raised in Chester, New York… Andy Grammer is on repeat of my iTunes Library! Is he on yours yet?

This single burning up the charts stems from Grammer’s second album, Magazines or Novels, released in 2014 and co-written by Grammer and Nolan Sipe.

Interesting YFactoid: Grammer started as a street performer on Santa Monica, California’s famed Third Street Promenade…

But since he was pegged as an artist to watch by every influential music from Billboard to MTV… Grammer has been touring with amazing artists and releasing great tracks!

“Each form (of music) has its own constituency” -Bill Withers, Musician

We agree with Mr. Withers, and this song in particular bodes to that same thought; you see, as a fan of country music I love how Grammer is able to incorporate folklore, in addition to blue grass beats and connect them at the paradigm of pop … Creating an insatiable rhythm that will have you clapping and stomping your feet in the songs first 10 seconds!

The lyrics of the song ‘Honey, I’m Good.’ bring us the struggle chased by many young people in love… The charged struggle between staying true to our love and how easy it is in 2015 to buy into temptation or “that un- Holy Grail” as Grammer calls it!

“Oh Baby you’ve got me all wrong baby, my baby already has all of my love…”

YLove still exists … Would U Stay True?!