Friday Fun Day Options

Okay Okay so it’s not the end of the work week just yet. We still have to get to 5 pm but there is no harm in planning already.

So with hot temperatures, there should be no problem heating things after the work week.

How so?! Here are some options with a twist.

Do A Little Dance 

Remember that dance spot you’ve been wanting to go for awhile? Do it! Grab some friends and take on the night with your new adventure! Dance the night away!

Foodie Friday

Get out of your food comfort zone. Opt to try a new cuisine or a fusion restaurant. Who knows, you may like it and you’ll have a new place to refer to friends. 

Happy Home Party 

Take your weekend celebration home with you. You can opt for an awesome cooking night with friends or just drinks. Either way it’s the best of both worlds since you have the comfort of your home with the fun of your friends.

Gallery Night!

Expand your imagination and culture with some art to start your weekend. Check out galleries in your area with either a date or friends. I’m sure you’ll be in good company and I’m not just talking about the art. 

Go Natural 

Decompress with a little bit of nature. Now this is a more low key night, but definitely worth the benefits. Take one trail. Try evening outdoor yoga. You can even opt for meditating. 

Whatever you choose to do, always make sure you’re in good company!