Breaking Your Bad…Habits

It’s the second day of the work week and while Monday may have been an adjustment back from the weekend, day two is one step closer to the weekend but also one more day to do better.

Part of being better is breaking bad habits that hinder you from being productive.

So in an effort to help yourself be better this week, here are some common bad habits and how to help break them.

Getting Up Late 

It’s easy to press the snooze button while half asleep; however, it’s not easy speeding your way to get to work on time. So what we here @ The Y Life propose is for you to put three alarms. One about 5 minutes earlier than the time you’d wake up. The other would be set at the time you usually wake up and the third would be 5 minutes after the time you should wake up. This will help you know what alarm your on and be aware of how much your sleeping in. It will also help you slowly wake up and most importantly, it will annoy you so much that it will get you up out of bed.

Morning Coffee Madness 

If you are notorious for getting to work late because of your addiction to your morning cup of joe, that  could affect your job long term. So, here’s how to change that. Either opt for making your coffee at home and set it up the night before so all you have to do is press brew in the morning. Some coffee makers even have a timer. Who knows? You may even make a better cup of coffee than your local coffee shop AND  you’ll be saving yourself some money which is always good.

Snack Attack

This is the most hurtful thing for those trying to stay healthy and fit. You may be harming your waist line bite by bite. A “cafecito” here, a chocolate there, some pretzels, that all adds up.  What to do? Buy some healthy snacks and keep track of what you’re snacking on during work.  Keep yourself hydrated and set some snack times for yourself. Also make sure your meals are nourishing and give you the vitamins and energy you need. That will also help keep you from snacking.

Skip The Gym 

You know what this is because chances are you’ve done it! How can you avoid that skipping temptation? Opt to head straight from work to the gym or to get home, don’t even sit, change and head right back out. Also, mentally don’t think of it as something you can skip. Think of it more like groceries, something you have to do that ends in a good result.

Well in the end, breaking some of these bad habits, will give you the result you want so when you’re thinking about going back to bad habits, think of how much it has helped you to break them.

Heres to a productive week!