Did U Know… Diet Soda

A New study at Journal of the American Geriatrics Society delves into our comfort zone and bursts our Diet Soda bubble!

Yes, you are reading right apperantly in the long run those Diet Sodas are actually more harmful than helpful.

The study’s findings tell us that people who drank Diet Soda gained almost TRIPLE the abdominal fat over nine years, as those who didn’t drink diet soda; The journal gathered and analyzed data from 749 people ages 65 and older.

Just when we thought that Zero this or Diet that, was actually helping us keep slim and trim… In reality it was just helping our belly become a storage unit for unwanted caloric fat cells? 

Well this is how it went… People who didn’t drink Diet Soda gained about 0.8 inches around their waistline, but people who drank diet soda daily gained 3.2 inches during the period of the study! Those like myself, who think they are getting away with just being an occasional drinker of Diet Soda, still gained about 1.8 inches! 


Well, scientists explain the mechanisms by which Diet Soda has those unintended weight gain consequences, because Sugar-Free sodas actually contain chemical substances that sweeten up “Diet” Sodas at 200-600 X’s the sweetness of pure cane sugar!

Artificial sweeteners found in Diet Sodas are unlike the natural ones, in turn they confuse our bodies by weakening the linkage in our brains that correlates sweetness and calories, the effect is it changes the bacteria in our intestines, and makes us vulnerable to resisting insulin resulting in glucose intolerance, which can lead to weight gain and even more severe health consequences!!! 

Artificial sweeteners are counterproductive agents of weight gain according to this latest research, with the utmost irony being that they are supposed to be aiding you in avoiding to gain that unwanted belly-fat!  

Here is a YFact: This study proved belly-fat gain was most pronounced in people who were already overweight. 

So make sure you keep in mind that moderation is key… Make healthy choices, keeping fresh fruits and veggies blooming in your belly and you  will be able to cheat on those Diet- Sodas every here and again!