Peace to #GWA320

At airports across the world… Prayers are meeting at the gaits of Faith to take down the clouds of Fear.

Today’s developments in the crash of Germanwings flight A320 flight 9525, have left the world awestruck once again, by the in-congruencies of the human spirit.

As we know this flight was en route from Barcelona, Spain, to Dusseldorf, Germany, on Tuesday, March 24 when it horrifically crashed in the French Alps mountain range. On board there were 144 passengers and six crew members, who all lost their lives. 

Germanwings and its parent company Lufthansa Airlines have had a good safety record in the past, and this morning as its CEO’s took to a press conference being played out LIVE with the eyes of the international stage upon them, they declared their emotions as that of being speechless that this aircraft has been deliberately crashed by the copilot, according to French prosecutors who are investigating the crash in a joint cross national investigation. 

It has been decreed that 28-year-old German national and first officer of the flight, Andreas Lubitz intentionally destroyed the aircraft. It has become apparent through the black boxes of the aircraft that Lubitz waited for the Pilot to exit the cockpit at cruising altitude before going to extreme measure to ensure he locked the cockpit and would not allow the pilot or crew members re-entrance.

Amongst the perished from 18 countries were 3 Americans, including a mother-daughter duo from Virginia, in addition to more than half of the passengers who were from Germany and Spain. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the families who lost their love ones in this despicable tragedy.

As we mourn with our brothers and sisters across the pond in Europe, we can now only find comfort in the thought that heaven now has 149 new Angels in its midst. 

Today on The Y Life, we will not dwell on the details that will bring forever pain to families across the globe, but instead we will take this moment in silence to pray for each and every life lost.