Christmas Holiday Breakfasting!


Well the Christmas Weekend is well on the way… Which means friends and family will be making their way through your home this weekend and you will have no choice, but to have plenty of snacks to keep those cold winter tummies warm!

Always have fruit… And that’s which is easy to peel and snack on throughout the rest of the day is always a wonderful option, I.e. Bananas, apples, pears and oranges! Washed and ready to eat!

Mini muffins and Mini croissants are the perfect easy to eat option for holiday brunches, because they are bite size and leave room on the plate for many miniature options. Individually wrapped Granola Bars are also a wonderful option for Winter FamBam Breakfasting, because it gives your family snack options they can munch on all the day long!

Boxed juice and milk are perfect to set out for a brunch, and if you think they are just for kids… Well, you are thinking wrong! The fact that they are easy to drink, transport and dispose of makes them the perfect solution for any brunch.

Set a pot of oatmeal or grits on the crock pot the night before and have some cups and spoons ready to eat for your guests! Guests love having options and a warm sensation in the pit of their tummies, so make sure to have some butter, honey, brown sugar and raisins ready spice up and boost your porridge from ordinary to extra-ordinary!

@TheYLife hopes you enjoy your Holiday Weekend!