PoT Policy…

Out of all the measures on the Ballot today … POT is projected to smoke out the competition! #PunIntended

The agenda to legalize Cannabis has been exported for many years throughout our nation, but the struggle to convince mainstream ideologues has taken a bit more time! Today’s elections brought about sweeping pot policy changes in states and cities where the drug remains illegal under federal law.

Broader marijuana legalization efforts have been making their way across the United States; in fact, today voters in certain U.S. States were casting ballots to decide whether legalizing cannabis for medical purposes is a priority to other generations… Besides Millennial’s that is!

Mid- Term measures in Oregon and Alaska would set up a network of regulated pot shops, similar to those in the North West; measures in the DC would allow possession, but no retail sales; and A proposed constitutional amendment will make Florida the 24th state to allow the distribution of Medical Marijuana!

BUT … Just so you know the score, it has been an uphill battle to convince the conservative opposition.

Here is what Y’s thought … Well let’s update this poll result in the Morning, but as of right now the world is starting to look a little bit more smoky!
Check in first thing tomorrow morning to learn more regarding the updated results!

UPDATE: The Morning After

After years of debate… Alaska and Oregon join Washington and Colorado (Approved in 2012) in approving ballot measures to legalize Pot. This update leaves Florida on the sidelines- as the Sunshine state was unable to garner enough support to render their 60% approval!