Instagram just got more Grams?!


Well you had to know it was only a matter of time…
It must be FALL again, Instagram has decided to follow in the tradition they started last year jus’ around this time… Get ready for your #InstagramFeed to be a little busier than normal, because starting this weekend Tech Video Ads are now being permitted to appear for promotional purposes on YOUR feed!

Not just any advertisements either my sweet YLifers… We are talking VIDEO ads! Frequent Grammar’s will begin seeing these advertisements from companies like: Activision, Lancome, Disney, the CW and Banana Republic throughout the coming week.

Just like the photo ads, each one of these video ads will be targeted towards a specific audience, but let’s face it…. We Are Millennial’s… EVERY AD is geared towards us!

For example Make-up ads launch within the next two weeks, so ladies you are pretty much guaranteed to start seeing Winter’s best lipstick shade running on 15 second video feeds right after you see your Best Friend posting pictures of her baby….

Companies are even making use of some of the latest technology in the world of Apps…. Like Hyperlapse!


I won’t even lie Hyperlapse is also one of my favorite Apps… You use this App, in order to create a time-lapse video of whatever you may please. The application basically compresses the length of whatever video you shoot into a postable video! So my advice is download and try making your own Hyperlapse… Might as well continue adding to the Gramming Invasion this Fall… And look out for a cool Hyperlapse of my the world from L’s view this week on @TheYLife Instagram!