Organization One Step At A Time

We’ve all done it, proposed to become neater and more organized but sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

What we can do is do the steps little by little and become a bit more organized over time.

While it may not be that whole organization overhaul you would have wanted, it is a step in the right direction.

1.  Put Things In Their Place

Or at least in the area of where they are supposed to be. This will make your “Where is it,” moments  faster to overcome. It’s better to just put things in their place, but if you can’t, at least you have an idea of where it may be. This will help prevent you from running late because you’re looking for that shirt you really wanted to wear but can’t find. You’ll also be less frustrated.

2. Organize Your Clothes By Type

T-shirts go with t-shirts. Cardigans with cardigan. You get the gist.  Once you’ve done that try (keyword try) to organize it by casual to formal or lighter to darker colors. Whatever works for you. It will cut your dress time and help you see what you’re working with.

3. File Folders Are Your Friend 

Now this is something that may keep you from actually getting fined for late bills etc. Buy an accordion or file folders and organize your important documents in those. It will help you have a better idea of your bills, what you have and have things ready just in case you need them.

It may take you a while but it’s worth not having to go through tons of papers later on.

 4. For The Shoe Lovers 

You can buy the Ikea $6 shoe racks which take about 20 minutes to put together and will save you space and time when looking for your shoes. You can even organize them by style and type. No longer will you have to go through a pile of shoes to try to find the other shoe.

5. Lists, Lists, Lists 

This is the age of the smartphone. This means you’re to do lists and reminders are with you at all times. With the chime of your phone or tablet, you know something needs to be done. So take advantage of it! Set reminders and keep lists of what you need to do or buy. Don’t think you’ll remember to look at the lists then set a reminder.

These small steps have helped us avoid headaches! While you may not be able to do everything at once, go at your own pace but make it a priority. It’s  something that will help you in the end.