Ways To Cram More ZZzs

If you’re reading this at the time it was posted, you probably have a night job or your reading away…trying to get sleepy. I’ve been there and felt the frustration so I compiled a mini check list on things to do that may help you get to bed and stave off your desperate search for a caffein fix the next day.


It smells good and it actually helps your relax; therefore, easing you into what may likely be sleep or maybe a meditative state..possibly. Seriously, it does help and it carries a major kick of benefits for your body.


So maybe after you’ve had chamomile but not too much or you’ll pee, you can just lay in bed and try to clear your thoughts then imagine yourself in the most comfortable/relaxing place you can think of . Whether its a home in the forest or on the sand at the beach, think of that place real or fake. If you feel a sense of relaxation and calm, go with it.It may take you to sleep. If this doesn’t work for you then you may fall asleep of boredom from trying to imagine these things.

No Lights!

Turn off or avoid using anything with a light or anything that pushes light into your eyes like your phone. It’s easy to go for that first t entertain you but it might actually be the culprit as to why you can’t sleep later.

Warm Milk & Honey

While ingesting things like milk before you sleep may not be the best thing for your figure, it will help in a desperate situation. The milk contains a chemical which helps you feel sleepy. It’s the same chemical in turkeys The honey is optional. It’s just to sweeten the milk.

Open An Old Fashioned Book 

Nothing is better to soothe a crazy mind than a good book. The book will help get you focuses, killing the problem of you’re wandering thoughts. The reading will tire your eyes and eventually cause you to doze off or at least get sleepy. No your kindle or iPad cannot be used .The book needs to be made of paper! Yes they still exist.

All these may help you on your way to sleep but not all may work for you. Find your system and work it into what is good for you to help you get more sleep.