Spice- Up Sundays!

20140322-223433.jpg If you are searching for a way to Spice- Up your Sundays the ladies @TheYLife have just the thing for you!

‘spices and tease’ have been noted as creators of savoring flavors since 1933 and although you can find them all over NYC (the Upper West Side and Grand Central Market), there is just something about visiting them in Chelsea that will have your taste buds exploding!

Located on 9th Avenue just a few blocks off of the Hudson River sits one of the most intricately poised marketplace in the city. Poised, because it has become a must for many tourists and locals alike, part of its esteem comes from maintaining a quaint epicurean food selection that will cause quite the insatiability in your tummies. You see, it’s like a theme park for adults who enjoy anything and everything FOODIE! Every door opens into a world, you have possibly never visited before… with everything from the freshest seafood at The Lobster Place, where fresh giant Lobsters to Oysters and Sushi are always at peak freshness… to Sarabeth’s Bakery where fresh scones, biscuits and cookies adorn the glass lined displays in such tempting fashion, that your heart skips a beat and your little evil side whispers sweet nothings to you, nudging at your vulnerabilities to take a snag in tasting each and every one of their sweet delicacies.

You have never been quite as prepared to delight your senses the way you will at the Chelsea Market. In many ways it’s Americas shot at an Arabic souq’. A ‘souq’ is an open-air marketplace in Middle Eastern and North African provinces, similarly equivalent to the Persian ‘bazaar’. But, the instant anything is done the American Way you know there will be a vast array of LEDs highlighting and clueing the significance of that which is of vital importance. This Market is perfectly lit with incandescent lights shinning helm on everything from fresh pasta sauces, cheeses and fresh brewed cafe’s to by far my favorite… ‘spices and tease’

As many of you are very well aware, I am quite the connoisseur of Tea’s and all things flavor, including spices. It was a treat for me to browse the vast selection of curries, herbs and unique teas from around the world that are on display here. Packaged in little tin boxes, the spices are displayed in giant metal bowls filled to the brim with exotic powders and leaves, which are on display to shock your senses with all things glory the second you enter the shop. The experts are prepared to scoop out your selection and they even delve into details on the perfect uses for your spice. I myself am always an ‘Herbes de’ Provence’ girl- to me it is the world’s ultimate blend of everything necessary to bring perfection to a dish… Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary, Lemon and Sage= Perfection!

So if you are sitting home this afternoon and looking for a new adventure either take a ride down to Chelsea and revel in all things Foodie heaven… OR find your local specialty market and pick up some new spices that will liven up your traditional dinners, for something with a bit more kick!