5 Things You Need To Know About Nutrition Label Changes

So as you as you may or may not have heard, nutrition facts labels are changing thanks to a new move by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

1. The change is meant to update nutrition labels which were first introduced in 1993. The FDA says it is meant to bring attention to calories and serving sizes, which are important to help tackle obesity, heart disease, and other public health problems.

2. New nutrition labels will have to list added sugars, separate from the natural sugars a food has in it.

3. The calories of a food will be larger and in bolder type to bring more emphasis to it. On the other hand, the calories from fat will no longer be listen on the labels.

4.The number of servings per package will be more clear and prominent on the label including having the actual serving size listed in a more understandable form like, “Amount per cup.” On that note, the FDA proposed the serving sizes  be updated based on what people actually eat not on what they should be eating.

5. The FDA proposed a two year deadline for the food industry to comply, “after publication of any final rules governing the Nutrition Facts label.”