Last Minute Gifting Ideas

Time is going by and you may have missed  a couple of gifts. We’ve all done it, but here is a list of things you should always keep wrapped and ready to go in case you need to gift something at the last minute!

1. Wine

While it may seem like the cliche gift. It’s an easy gift to give and store. All you have to do is pop it in a bag and voila! Even if the person you give it to doesn’t want to drink it, they can always use it for a party or simply regift it.

2. Makeup

Make up is always appreciated and it keeps for a long time so you can have it sitting there for a while. Try to stay away from bases and lipsticks.  Instead you should go for eye shadows and party make up sets which usually have a powdered blush, eyeshadow and maybe a lipgloss. Try to stay with more soft tone colors like beige and browns so you can gift it to anyone.


This is always a great gift and easy to wrap! Do not get a strong perfume or cologne, try to stay with softer scents so you can gift it to anyone. If it’s a woman, go for a more floral smelling perfume . If it’s a man, go for a more woodsy smelling cologne. By staying as generic as possible, you’ll be more likely to be able to gift it to more people. This is a gift thats great to give to coworkers you don’t really know what to get.

4. Home Goods

Everyone appreciates things for the home. Try getting a nice cheese board set for the kitchen or a nice stationary set for the office. Yes, people still use stationary! You can get a wine aerator set, nice candles, his/her robes in white or a nice vase. They’re more basic things for the home that anyone would appreciate. These are the easiest things to store since you never have to worry about them going bad like you would the wine or makeup.

5. Pashmina

It’s a very versatile gift which will go for any woman young or elderly. Get light colors which you think would go with most outfits. It can be used by all women and it’s most of the time quite inexpensive. It’s a very generic gift anyone can appreciate.