Not Sure What To Bring To A Holiday Party Try These

Christmas is coming head on and holiday parties are in full swing. Trying to manage christmas shopping and brining a little something to holiday parties may not be helping your budget. Why not try these items which are budget-friendlly and a nice gesture for your host!


1. Bottle of Wine

It’s the go to thing when going to a dinner or holiday party but sometimes our budget may not be able to handle  the prices for a nice wine. Well, Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw wine is just $2.99 and has competed in awards with $20 bottles of wine. I can personally vouch for it’s tastiness especially for the price. Bring two or three at  that price. What host wouldn’t like more wine for their party.


2. Peppermint Loaf

It’s a dessert deemed for the holiday season. While you may have to bake it, even the most kitchen incapable person  can do it. The mix costs $3.99. All you need are eggs, oil or butter and water. It’s as simple as mixing the items then popping it in the oven. While it comes with two peppermint packets inside, one will do. The second pack gives a too strong peppermint taste.


3. Flowers

It’s a simple gesture and just takes minutes to buy. You can sop by your local florist, or  buy them from the people who sell them on the street. It’s not expensive and it’s a beautiful gesture. If you don’t find your local florist or someone who sells them from street carts, you can even go by Publix or CVS but they will run a little more expensive and the quality won’t be so great.  Who knows, you host/hostess may use it to decorate the table(s) during the party.

4. Party Favors 

If it’s a themed holiday party like ugly sweater or holiday characters, ask your host/hostess if it’s okay to bring party favors for other guests. Sometimes they’ll say they’re fine but many times they’ll love the gesture and the help. Only do this with someone you know well. If it’s a holiday party for someone from work or that you have a more formal relationship with, then opt for the two above.


 5. After Dinner Spirit 

While desserts are always good to bring, you can also bring an after dinner spirit or a liquor like Limoncello or Amaretto. It’s a nice gesture and not very typical so it will be a different touch. Many of them come in a decorative box for a nice presentation. A liquor  or Digestif runs you between $15 to $20.