Holiday Shopping: 10 for $10


As @TheYLife got to thinking, we realized, holiday shopping on a #YBudget is equivalent to dieting the pocketbook! You see, Y’s are still in their 20’s and 30’s- making all possible attempts towards independence; but, responsibilities like paying back student loans, makes treating friends and families to exuberant gifts a bit unreasonable.

I put my own shopping list to the test this year, but when I realized I was going to fall short… I made my way to Walmart! Yes, you read right, I went Holiday Shopping at Walmart! During my shopping adventures, I seemingly found, I could treat everyone on my list to a little something special and still save myself from filing Chapter 11 from MY I.R.S. (Internal Relatives Services)… And here is what I came up with!

I found 10 great gifts for under $10! So put on your focals and start zooming in on some great buys, both online and in stores, it’s as easy as 1,2,3…
1. Always remember that with any gift it’s not about the monetary value, but the value of the heart; 2. Take a moment to learn something unexpected about the person and make sure to incorporate that charm; & 3. Always add a dash of yourself into the gift, as a special memory for you both to cherish!

Here are 10 gift ideas for your Good Valued shopping spree:

1. Pajamas: Always aim for useful gifts, and we can all use a new set of PJ’s! I found some great ones for $9.96 and at that $ I even bought myself a pair!

2. Nail Polish: It doesn’t get cuter than this… Buy a $1 Mason Jar and fill it with $1.95 Nail Polishes in colors you think your friends would like!
P.s. Every Granny likes to do her nails!

3. Movies: The $5 Walmart movie bins are always a snag! Think of classic movies you have watched with your dad since childhood and get one with a box of popcorn! Just $7 later and a ton of beautiful memories!

4. Utensils: For just $0.99 pick up a collection of kitchen utensils (I.e. Ladle, Spatula, Ice Cream Scoop, Whiskers etc…) Attach your favorite @TheYLife recipe and it’s a gift!

5. Bake Me A Cake: Buy a 9″ Cake Pan, a ready to bake cake mix, frosting and a Spatula and your cake is ready to bake!

6. Mantra: Help your friends get their mantra, buy a stylish $8.97 Yoga Mat, add a Smart Water and get ready to be a Yogi! If you want to splurge, buy yourself one too so you can set out to learn together!

7. Personalize It: For just $9 you can order a mug or an ornament, personalized with a family photo… A memory to last a lifetime!

8. Slippers: Brrrr it’s cold outside! Buy all your friends some deliciously warm slippers for just $7.97!

9. Scrapbooks: It’s never too late to get creative, dedicate time to making a scrapbook full of memories for your loved one!

10. Family Traditions: Just $7.00 buys you a beautiful recipe box… Fill it full of family recipes and parents can use them as stocking stuffers for their Y’s! By marking traditions for safe keeping, you ensure that your kids will carry on family meals for years to come!

Enjoy Shoppin’