Ballerina Fashion Trend


When we say the word Ballet or Ballerina, @TheYLife knows the first thing that comes to mind is that hand-painted pink jewelry box you had as a little girl. As it ‘tinseled’ with gilded sparkles and made you dream of one day Chasséing and pliéing to the lyrics of a story- book romance, we bet you never thought all of that Tulle would one day be inspiring the worlds most esteemed couture.

Forget that winter storm that almost derailed our dear parade just last week, because Ballerina Inspired Fashion seems to be quite the fashion front sweeping the nation this past Fall. It’s transcending powers are detailed through delicacy, which are moving us right along into the winter fashion season, and toting this must have the utmost inspiration of perfect femininity to accompany everything and anything in your wardrobe.

So we went straight to our favorite Fashionista Nicole Brown to better understand this Ballet inspiration.

“I personally am obsessed with the Ballerina inspired fashion. It is so classic, feminine, and sophisticated, and what girl doesn’t want to relive their childhood fantasy of being a ballerina but in a modern way?”

Then when I asked Nicole to explain her thoughts on the intricacies of this classic style, she explained how Tulle is such a vital fabric component to making this Ballerina style come to life. “Tulle skirts! My personal fave is the midi length, but all lengths from maxis to minis are a huge trend this season. I believe it will also follow into a major trend for Spring as well, but because Tulle skirts can be paired with sweaters and any kind of shoes (i.e. heels, ballet flats & booties) for that perfect feminine winter look, it works for all occasions day and night.”

This is a trend that seems to come around every few years, and now that flats and bows are in such demand for @home fashionistas everywhere… Do you think this trend will continue to shine its fairy tale essence repeatedly throughout seasons?

“I definitely think this trend will always be in style because it is so classic, feminine, and something every girl would wear no matter what season! Every woman is nostalgic for girly pieces that can be turned into a modern sophisticated look, and the ballerina trend is certainly one of them.”

So you know what this means Y ladies, don’t forget to put some ballerina inspired looks on your Wish List to Santa this year!


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