Study: Exercise Boosts Your Brain Power

So maybe you take some Gingko Biloba everyday for memory health but did you know a daily workout could boost your brain health?

According to a new study by Harvard Medical School, a protein which is increased by endurance exercise turns on genes that promote brain health and encourages the growth of new nerves which have to do with learning and memory.

What scientist want to try to do is to make the protein it into a drug, which could help with therapies for cognitive decline later in life like diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, according to the report.

Another group called The Spiegelman group, previously reported the protein called FNDC5  is produced by muscular exertion. New research found a link between that protein and the chemical reaction which causes your cognitive health to improve.

The study showed mice voluntarily running on a wheel for 30 days increased a metabolic molecule called PGC-1α,in the muscles which in turn caused a rise in FNDC5 which boosts a brain-health protein called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic protein)which has to with learning and memory. It promotes the development of new nerves and connections between nerves which allow learning and memory to be stored. It also preserves existing brain cells.

While it is a great find they said further research is needed to determine if giving  FNDC5 actually improves cognitive function.