Top Items At Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has been open for a little less than a month already and surely a bit of the grand opening hype has died down, making it a little less cramped and chaotic to shop in.

So for your next adventure, try this great place out and try out some of their most popular products listed below.

1. Two Buck Chuck Wine

The real name of the product is Charlie Shaw wine which comes in different varieties of red or white wines. While it does have the nickname two buck chuck because it used to be $1.99, it is now $2.99 but is  still a steal and one of the more popular products at the store. Don’t be fooled by the price, this wine has put up a fight in wine competitions with up to $20 bottles of wine.

2. Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter   

Made of crushed biscuits but tastes like gingerbread, customers rave about this product which is known to get sold out quite quickly.

3. Basil Plant 

If you enjoy making Caprese salads or simply like fresh basil on your pasta, go by and grab one of their $2.99 basil plants known to be sturdy and hard to kill if you don’t have a green thumb. Not only is it decorative for your kitchen, but it’s also nice to know you always have fresh basil on hand, especially for the price.

4. Organic Bagged Spinach 

Coming in at $1.99, their organic spinach takes the cake on deals and steals. It’s something you can always use for your meals either cold or sautéed for a hot dish.

5. Trader Joe’s Hummus 

It’s great to pair with their two buck chuck wine and it’s about $2.99 for a large size not to mention it gets great customer reviews.

While there may be more steals and deals in this store, these were the most talked about items with the best reviews. So next time you go by Trader Joe’s try them out.