5 Ways To Get Your News Fast 

The daily grind might keep you from staying up to date with the latest headlines but there are some quick ways to get your news fix. 

Now you might not get all the in depth info you need, but feel free to always go back to the story or google it for more details. 


By far, it’s the fastet way to get the latest breaking, trending and developing news. Although the info comes with a character limit, at least you’ll get a bigger dose of headlines. Beware of which sites you follow. Not all info on Twitter is always correct. 

AP News App 

In my experience, it’s the best news source for correct breaking news and their alerts connect to a larger form article so you can get more info with one click. 


Not a number on source for news but if you’re already on it because ur send in filter pics to your friends, might as well listen in on one of the discover channels. You can also follow your favorite news stations. 

NPR News App 

Anytime in the day you can go to the newscast section of the app and listen to recap of the top headlines spanning from politics to world news. This is amazing because you can also listen to their in depth pieces while your working on other tasks. 

Banjo App

It’s an app that is better to find out what is going on locally or what is trending. This app scouts social media to find the stories, tweets and FB posts having to do with what is getting the most attention or what is breaking. It’s not the best source to get the facts but it is a way to get an up close and personal view of the news.