Not So Average Things To Try In Paris

Bonjour! An American in Paris is not a new thing but there are some out of the ordinary travel tips that may help you get more out of your experience. 
Cafe au Lait or Cafe Creme 

After a nice meal or even in between for a kick, try their cafe au Lait mix of coffee and milk or coffee and cream. It might sounds like something you can have in the U.S., but it actually tastes different. 

Metro Your Way Around 

If you can, do as the locals do and take the metro around the city. It will help you get a better sense of the city and you’ll save some cash. 


Sometimes the best things can be found in the least expected places. Give yourself a chance to wander around the city and find some cute cafes or hidden courtyards, maybe an old bookstore. Who knows. You might find a favorite spot. 

 Chez Jeannette  

47 Rue De Faubourg St-Denis 

This local favorite has an amazing charcuterie platter with local cheeses! Pair that with wine and you’re set! Good ambience, good food, all you need to bring is the good company. 

Take a Class 

Whether you have a love for the French language, food or culture, you can expand your knowledge and love for it by taking a class. You’ll get way more or of your trip too.