Top Louvre Sights 

Strolling through the streets of Paris is beautiful, but the historic Louvre Museum is also a sight to see and has many amazing pieces of art to offer. Can you say eye candy!?

So while you stroll around, make sure tnot to miss some of these pieces of work.

Audio It! 

Make sure to grab their audio tour for 5 euro! Even if you’re on a budget it’s worth it and you get so much more out of it including a commentary on many of their works.

Egyptian Collection 
Do not miss their Egyptian collection! It’s a major piece of history and just the idea that these things were built in a time with no modern technology is amazing!

  Athena in La Pallas de Velletri

This larger than life sculpture is a sight  to see but keep in mind it’s a replica. The detail is great and worth taking a gander.

Venus Is A Big Yes 

The famous Venus de Milo is worth a look, if you can get through the crowd. It’s an original and it’s beautiful.  You might have seen pics of this statue in your school textbooks.

Look Up

Make sure you don’t forget to look up. The ceilings of The Louvre has some of the most beautiful sights.