Top Bingeworthy Shows 

Monday’s may not be the best days but they can definitely be a good night with an addictive show. You’re the master of your viewership and while you can’t turn the clock forward to Friday, you can ease your Monday blues with something nice to watch. 

We here at The Y Life have cut out the hassle by listing some of our top Bingeworthy options. 

Game Of Thrones 

This scifi drama drags you into a whole other world! Immerse yourself in a life of dragons,  kings and queens but there is a price to pay for all the power they have. It’s a complex show with enough story lines to always keep you wanting more. Just don’t fall in love with one character. 


This is definitely the best show for foodies wanting to nerd out on cooking everything. Food writer Micheal Pollan breaks down the various elements needed to cook and what it means for us at home and around the world. Just the shots in the show will amaze you. They will also get you hungry. 

Orange Is The New Black 

For a more drama-filled binge night, try following yuppy Piper Chapman into prison. From good times to bad times, she shows you the raw experience of prison or at least her experience in it. 


Do a throwback night with this comedy! The jokes never get old and the best part is, you can jump around through seasons without feeling like you missed anything. Get in a good laugh with some friends!

House of Cards 

This political drama will make you think twice about what may or may not be going on in Washington. It will also make you want to think twice about shutting off the television until you finish each rivetting season!