Sunday Inspiration: Reading Is My Cardio…

Sunday Inspiration: Reading Is My Cardio…

The thing about Sundays is … Sundays were created as a day of rest and reflection upon the lessons and hurdles crossed the week before.

Sundays are meant to bring a sense of serenity by re-balancing the core of your purpose. You see, by allowing the stress of the previous week to filter through you, without affecting your self-intuition, but instead by locking you into your inner strength… From which you will continue to garner strength in the week to come!

Life is a series of life changing moments that can affect us in a variety of ways, sometimes taking the necessary time to ponder upon life is the best medicine… And THAT is exactly what Sunday is for!

Personally, taking a moment to read a book or an interesting article headlining a Paper, are some of the most fascinatingly relaxing Sunday responsibilities I could muster up… when thinking about Sunday relaxation.

Whether I find myself nestled into my couch with a cup of tea or sitting out poolside with a cold lemonade and a book, it’s about taking the time to allow your brain to find its resting place.

So as you take time off today to find your peace, make sure your brain gets plenty of rest too!