Yspiration: Top GirlPower Movies 

While you may not be able to extend your weekend, you can help give yourself a bit of a push with some movies that remind you to kick some butt! 


This is the ultimate girl power movie! It’s not only a fun movie, the Spice Girls’ soundtrack is awesome to sing-a-long to! Not only will you be ready to kick some but, you’ll also have some great tunes in your head. 

Working Girl 

This is a great 80s throwback! Melanie Griffith acts as the underdog and she makes it! Watch her work her butt off while killing it on the dating scene with a hot hunk! 

The Devil Wears Prada 

This comedy will not only get you laughing,  it will also motivate you to be on your “A game.” Anne Hathaway takes on one of fashions biggest leaders while also working on her own   demons. 


This will also make you laugh with random humor by Amy Schumer who is killing it on the dating/work scene but meets someone who really peaks her interest. Light humor with lots of laughs.