‘Y’s who wine’


How is Generation Y marking their territory when it comes to wine?

In Miami we found our very own twenty-two year old wine sommelier inside a ‘BP Gas station.’

Yes, you read right! Carlos Fonseca is the wine protégé at ‘El Carajo.’ One of Miami’s hidden Spanish gems, where you can stop in for some gas, authentic Spanish ‘Tapas’ and even pick from a unique collection of international wines.

So we sat down with Carlos for some insight on Y’s who wine; as he sipped on a red he was about to purchase for the store, he explained how you must first check the clarity by looking through the wine to make sure its clear, “the second thing you look for is what they call rim variation… around the edges of an older wine you see that it starts to get a little bit more brown …” as he swirled away, came the final test, because swirling releases the components of chocolate and raspberry aromas inside the wine.

20130623-232859.jpgQ: What should Generation Y know about wine?

“Number 1, wine can be inexpensive and delicious at the same time… there is no wrong way to start drinking wine… there is hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of different types of wine- even the same grapes from the same plot can be made four or five different ways and taste very different; unless you start trying different things, you’re not going to know what you like. “

Q: There are 250,000 different types of wine that exist, how do they differ?

“With wine there’s only three things that change how the wine tastes… one it’s the actual grapes that you use. You’ve heard of Cabernet Sauvignon, that’s a grape variety; you can get those same grapes and depending on where they are, if they’re in California, if they’re in France, they have different ‘Terrior.’ Which is the area/ region, soil, the weather- it’s a word in French that means a sense of place. And then the wine making style, whether they put it in oak barrels, whether they just put it in steel and let it ferment, whether or not you leave it in barrels for three or four years before you take it and bottle it can change the way it tastes.”

Listen to more of our interview with Carlos…

‘El Carajo’

Carlos has an understanding for wine that most of us could only wish for, tomorrow @theylife goes behind- the- scenes with Carlos and his brother Javier, to garner a better understanding of the logistics involved for Y’s making their mark, by owning a business in a Y world.

For more information visit: http://www.el-carajo.com/index.html

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