About Us

We are two young female journalists who are striving to further discover our Y generation.

The generation connected around the world with social media. We are the children of globalization;therefore, we are always looking for new things. Information for us does not end at 5 pm but is  a 24 hour cycle; always at our fingertips. The world has different names for us, like Gen Y’s, Millennials, MTV Generation, 9/11 Generation, Peter Pan generation.

We are the  first generation socially interconnected at such high levels… technology is not just an asset, but instead globalized mass communication is our foundation.A generation educated by the internet, whose values, attitudes and behaviors have been altered by all aspects of technology, when compared to past generations.

Our Y future is expected to be massively influenced by the 2008 world recession and our ability to rapidly adapt to this changing world is part of our culture. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics say that Gen Y will comprise more than 40% of the U.S. workforce by 2020, making the next 7 years vital to the stability and future, not just of Y’s but of the world .

The reinvigoration of our youth will lead to Y’s providing a better future for all; you see, there are too many Y’s for our generation to fall between the cracks. We are asking the same questions you are, we’re just going to do our best to find answers to those questions for you and help improve our generations standing on the world.

We question. We choose a healthier way of life and we choose to live in our world our way. We are breaking  the norms and are quickly changing the world to be a “Y” world.

Y should you care? Y we don’t have a choice…Y’s Are The Future!

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