LOVE is what it is about…

Students I help volunteering with wrote me Holiday Cards filled with LOVE!

During this Sunday morning’s sermon, I was reminded once again what the meaning of the holiday season is…

It’s not about food and parties, families and presents… Nope, it is about LOVE! 

That word can tote with it so many different meanings, but for some reason that resounding energy that one omits back into the universe is the kind of LOVE that radiates its truth during the holidays.

Our job in this life, is to learn to love ourselves, all the while loving those around us and showing the love of kindness to those we have yet to meet. 

Life is about the journey and not the destination, and if along the journey we choose to share our LOVE with the world… Our souls will reap the benefits of forever. 

FORGIVE those who hurt you, ALWAYS be willing to give SECOND chances, FREE yourself from the ties of Regret, ADHERE to the ultimate Rule of LOVE and LOVE yourself when it seems nobody else will! 

XoX, L.