This May Be Hurting You

Living day to day, even in a Y world you get into a habit- like state …just getting the tasks done. 

Well some of these habits may not actually be the best thing for you and at times may be hurting you or hindering your chances at happiness. 

What might these be?  To name a few: 

Social Media Frenzy 

Your addiction to social media has you looking at your pain every couple of minutes. It’s an addiction you may not even know you have. It doesn’t let you fully concentrate on the task at hand and has you with your eyes dig into your tech. That could get dangerous when you should be looking up or concentrating for that matter.

Negative POV 

Stuck in a bad situation? We’ve all been there but the difference in how you live your life is the way you look at challenges or troubling times. A negative point of view can make things way worse and get you even more down. Choose to be resilient and learn from the situation. It’s a process but each step gets you closer t better times. 

Not Loving Yourself 

Before loving someone else or constantly thinking of others, give yourself some love. You cannot fully love someone else without loving yourself too. If you try , you may settle for less. Give yourself TLC. It’s a basic need in moving forward in life and working for the on you deserve.

Living In The Past 

It’s a sticker somewhere in the world of Instagram. There are two days in the year you can’t do anything about – yesterday and tomorrow. Live with love and enjoy the now. Do I need to expand? No. Just do it for yourself. You may miss something amazing. 

Not Thinking Of Food As Fuel 

Junk food here and there are always delicious! But this habit of fast eating in a busy day eventually catches up to you. You think you’re being more productive  by getting fast, unhealthy eats and getting back to work but you’re actually causing a slow build up of another problem. If it goes in your mouth, consider it to be fuel for you.