Truffle My Monday!

12386525_10153829483807139_1623475771_nThat Christmas List Craze!

It seems like every time you sit to ponder on the completion of your Christmas List something is added, right? Almost as though you are never done shopping… Even on Christmas Eve we are still running out to pick up last minutes of Bubbly for gifting and that is so not fun!

Don’t fret, The Y Life has the perfect solution… prepare a couple of batches of the best homemade Truffles you have ever had, tin them up and save them in the fridge ready to hand out to friends and family.

Not only are these Truffles soooooo quick and easy to make, but they are a perfect delight for the taste buds. Ytip: Make sure to wear an apron or an old Tee! Y? Because that Cocoa powder will erupt all around you a time or two… You may even find some cocoa on your eye brows when you hop in the bath!

Holiday Truffles…

½ lb. Bittersweet Chocolate (1 Cup grated)

½ lb. Semisweet Chocolate (1 Cup grated)

Grate or Sliver Chocolate finely into a mixing bowl

Bring 1 Cup Heavy Cream to a boil

After milk rises to a boil and scalds, allow it to settle for 20 Seconds

Pour Cream through a fine mesh into Mixing Bowl with Grated Chocolate

Whisk Slowly Cream & Chocolate until Ganache forms


2 Tbsp. Orange Liqueur

1 Tbsp. Coffee

½ Tsp. Pure Vanilla Extract

1 Tbsp. Fresh Orange Zest

Continue to Fold Chocolate, until it becomes consistency of Ganache…

Set Ganache into the fridge for 1 – 2 Hours to cool and harden!

Using a small melon baler, which has been lightly greased, begin to extract truffles

On a wax lined sheet- pan pour ¾ Cup of Cocoa Powder

Roll hardened Ganache Truffle Balls in Cocoa

Refrigerate & Enjoy

Happy Holidays!