La Abuela Gallega’s Tortilla Española


I Promised #Selfies in 2014! Abuela and I

As we have embarked on a fresh year, so we must begin to experiment with new ventures in the kitchen. I luv to be inspired by the people I love, like my Grandmother, who just happens to be an excellent cook, when it comes to food from her native Spain!

In fact, her signature dish includes ‘Garbanzos Fritos’ (Fried Garbanzo’s) and Tortilla (Spanish Omelet). Since I was just a little girl, she would put me in the kitchen to help her, whether it was peeling potatoes or hand whisking eggs with a giant fork… I learned some of the best tricks of the trade in her kitchen. Today I want to share her recipe for Tortilla, which is a traditional Tortilla Española made from patatas (potatoes as the Spanish call them) and is known as the most common gastronomical dish found varied throughout the Spanish nation. 

A good inch and a half thick Tortilla Española can be served with Ensalada Russa, French Bread, Bocadillos or Tapas as accompaniments… My grandma prefers to serve it over white rice!


La Abuela Gallega’s Tortilla Española:

In a large mixing bowls:

Slice 4 Large Potatoes, into small angled bits

Beat 6-8 Eggs, until foamed bubbles have risen

Dice 1 Onion

In a medium sized frying pan, Heat on High:

1 Cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Onion (sauté until clear, remove from heat right before browning)

Fry Potatoes until lightly golden exterior and soft interior

Place potatoes to soak excess grease on paper towel lined plates

Dispose of Excess Oil, leaving 3 Tbsp. to Coat the Pan

Place Onion, Potatoes back into simmering pan and ADD Beaten Eggs

(Optional: Abuela like to add diced Spanish Chorizo as well)


At Medium Heat

Allow Tortilla Española to simmer for 15 Minutes

Flip using a Large Plate

Allow Tortilla Española to simmer for 15 Minutes

Upon the Tortilla Española seeming cooked, turn off Heat, let it remain on pan


A great feature about this traditional Spanish plate, is that Tortilla Española can be just as good Hot or Cold!

Buen Provecho!

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