Goals: Get It Girl


The last few weeks of the year are upon us and in winding down 2015, ask yourself, did you reach your goals this year?

If you haven’t, you have some time left to maybe reach a few.

To help give you a push, with your dose of Sunday inspiration, there are some things you can follow that may help you reach your goals sooner.

Map It Out 

Map out your day. Write down your schedule and what you do daily. Next ask yourself if what you’re doing daily is taking you closer or farther from your goals.

Change It Up 

Once you have that mapped out, change your actions so they match your goals. Plan out time in the day to apply yourself. Take away action or things that aren’t positive or productive.

Keep Yourself In Check 

Be accountable for your actions daily. Set a reminder daily telling yourself to complete the goal or goals. It may be annoying but it’s something that helps keep it up front in your mind.

Just Do It 

If you find yourself procrastinating, just jump into it. Don’t give procrastination attention. Just keep going and motivate yourself by reminding yourself what it feels like not to each goals or a miss an opportunity.

Keep Climbing 

Once you’ve completed the goal or goals, re-evaluate what you want and set new goals. Repeat the steps.

Just a bit of help coming from us at The Y Life as we cheer you on! Got get em!