GIVE-mas …


‘The Giving of Oneself is the True Spirit of Christmas’ 

Just tonight I heard this line in one of those holiday movie of the week specials and I was instantly enamored with the truth etched in the very syllables of that statement.

Honestly, I had been feeling the same this Holiday, realizing it’s not about the presents under the tree or the value they may hold… You see, instead, the holidays are about showing love and learning how to share it.

Sometimes in life we aren’t given second chances to share our love… For gosh sakes if you are, hold onto it and appreciate its worth! But, most certainty holds reign in the fact that sharing love is a gift, given without expectation of a refund or return. 

When you give your love, your time, your heart and soul… That is when you are giving of yourself and that, that absolutely the true spirit of Christmas! 

So this Holiday season, as many spend their Saturday night just days before Christmas wrapping & packing, remember one thing… In life the most precious gift of all comes from within! 

XoX, L.