Your Options For “Netflix & Chill” Nights

For those weekday nights, following a stormy day, there is nothing that sounds better than some Netflix and chilling.

But for those who aren’t busy “netflix and chilling” there are actually some great shows to watch as well.

There is a show for every taste.

Action  – Jessica Jones

This Personal Investigator / super strong woman has a dark past and it has to do with a man. This loner’s past takes you through the lives of other people with great powers.

Comedy – Grace & Frankie

Stunned when their husbands tell them they want a divorce, the two set out on a bunch of adventures for the newly single ladies!

Crime –  Narcos

A close interpretation of the life of drug king pin Pablo Escobar and his rags to riches story.

Foodies – Chef’s Table

Get inside the minds and lives of the world’s top chefs. You’ start from the kitchen to the dish! Amazing.

Historic – Peaky Blinders

Gang leader Thomas Shelby along with his family move throughout the ranks of the crime world through guns, intimidation and liquer.