Cyber Monday VS Holiday Gift Giving…

I know, I know… It’s Cyber Monday! Trust me, I too have been getting the billion and one emails, informing me of deals on Computers, Makeup and Clothes. I didn’t happen to see any boyfriends on sale, although that seems to be at the top of the list for quite a few of my girlfriends, so I guess we will have to leave that one up to Santa!

But it can get quite annoying clicking through pages and pages of seemingly discounted items, which family members have on their wish lists, yet they might still be a bit out of our Y budgets, right?!

So the question many of us have been pondering today is… How can we still buy items for our friends and family, that fit the qualifications of a ‘Perfect Present’, without having to break the bank and eat Ramen Noodles for the rest of December… when December hasn’t EVEN started yet?!

So I decided to think back to how many of our Grandparents celebrated the Holiday season, whether it was Hanukkah or Christmas, it was always about a small token that reminded children about the gift of giving.

You see, my Grandparents grew up with the Christmas Tradition brought from Spain of the ‘Reyes Magos’ or Three Wise Men. The Magi or Three Kings as some Biblical references refer to them, were at the epicenter of the Christmas tradition. In the Gospel of Matthew these Three Wise Men followed the Northern Star shinning bright on the day of the birth of King Jesus and they came bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Their presence at the nativity makes them not just an important part of the Christian faith and tradition, but they play a vital role in the tradition of gift giving.

According to Matthew, these Magi came “from the east” towards Jerusalem, to worship the new “king of the Jews”. The Messiah, was placed on earth by God, born to Virgin Mary and her husband Joseph, to rule and shepherd the people of Israel. In turn, because of his future role as the Son Of God, The Wise Men brought with them gifts of tribute for the baby, all three of the gifts were ordinary offerings for to be gifted to a king.

Myrrh was commonly used as an anointing oil, frankincense was a perfume, and gold was brought as a valuable. The three gifts the Wise Men brought to Baby Jesus had spiritual meaning… Gold was brought as a symbol of kingship on earth, as a symbol of deity the Wise Men brought forward the incense frankincense, and the myrrh was brought as a symbol of death. Some historians have told the depiction of Gold coming in virtue, frankincense symbolizing prayer, and the oil of the myrrh symbolized suffering.

On January 6, a tradition holds true in many Spanish-speaking parts of the world, that presents would be left for children, such as did The Three Wise Men bring gifts to Baby Jesus, as is the tradition with which my family grew up on.
It wasn’t about the extravagance of a present, but instead it was the act of honoring someone with a gift that would help to teach them a lesson about the gift of love in relation to their religion and the love it gives to those who do good towards others and walk on the path of love and goodness.

It is a resounding message strewn throughout most religions, that doing good towards others and sharing the gift of love, will be rewarded into eternity. You see, ‘Los Reyes Magos’ gifts are physical examples of this, to help little ones better understand this truth.

So this Holiday Season, make sure no matter how big or small the present you give to family and friends, make sure it is handed out with love and that is the most important everlasting gift you could gift.