Small Business Saturday!

It’s never too late to help your local community and support the small businesses and entrepreneurs in your neighborhood who are keeping the American Dream alive! 

Saturday November 28th is an opportunity to show our love for Americana and #MadeInUSA by #ShoppingSMALL … American Express Credit Cards are leading the charge to help encourage citizens to help small businesses competing for investment with large corporate stores and the #BlackFridaySales do more business. 

For the first-ever, Small Business Saturday, took place on Nov 27th of 2010; it helped encouraged folks across the country to support small, local businesses.

Guess What Y’s?! You still have time tonight before dinner or while you are walking around Main Street.. stop on in and pick up a little Holiday present for someone in the family, have an ice cream at your local parlor or maybe even a quick and warm hot cocoa!

In 2011 the United States Senate and Government officially recognized Small Business Saturday for achieving its efforts… In 2012, the proof was in the pudding, when 73.9 Million Americans went shopping in support of their small town’s economy. Just last year, about $14.3 Billion Dollars was spent at small independent businesses on this day! 

Hopefully this year, we can all do more to support the American Dream! 

Remember… #ShopSMALL