L’s Open Letter 2 Millennials: Terror IS..IS.. real 


That Moment When We Ask Y?

There are moments in life that shake us to our very core, they make us question the very pinnacle of our existence and plant seeds of wonder in our minds, as to Y something so vile would ever occur.

There are moments in life that drive us into a paradox of sadness, others that perplex us into the Rubik’s Cube of fear and they always meet at the fork in the road where it seems confusion is the only path to take.

Millennial’s have one common thread that seems to induce itself into their character… Invincibility. That trait of feeling invincible, is dangerous. Simply put, it breeds an indigenous populous of quantitatively uninterested and unsecured ‘let it go’ motto-minded 20 and 30 somethings… who have yet to wrap their mindset around the State of Emergency reality that most Millennials, not living in the Western World find to be their ‘Real World’.

THEN we have a problem.

As I sat street side at an outdoor cafe this week, I began to realize how encroached we are in our Millennial bubble, practically incapable of comprehending what it would mean to be incapacitated by the danger that breeds around the globe.

We were predominately raised on… not only the overprotected Post 911 theory, that evil exists around the globe, but also that we should make it our mission to try and heal the world, so this evil would not be inflicted upon others. Yet, in that process, we have inherently molded a belief, that the world is incapable of infiltrating our rule of norm and dis-balancing our bubble with the needle of evil.

In theory… If backpacks and suicide vests detonated, exploding TATP, a highly volatile organic peroxide-based explosive, and screws were to go off at our outdoor cafes in the United States… Are Y’s capable of comprehending the potential of evil knocking at our doorstep?

The attacks that occurred a little over a week ago in Paris, France did just that… But I couldn’t help to help think that we are not wrapping our thoughts around the human carnage that could happen right here in our own country. The November 13th Attacks left 129 people perished and thousands with fear in their hearts.

What would our generation do in response, if and when our innocence is stolen from us?

Have we already forgotten the fear that blossomed within our souls when we were 10, 11 and 12 years old … or have we just become numb to the evil that reigns king among the world around us?

The placidity of the Millennial generation, and the generations that trail ours, is astonishing— we have inbred our fears and dictated that our reality be somewhat perpetrated through the screens of our technology, which is in actuality somewhat an incapable factoid of being actualized into reality.

As a Winter thunderstorm rolls on over me, at this spot I have nestled into under this large Flamboyant Tree, while I sipped my Cappuccino— I realize that as quickly as the world turns and winds bring in the storm… could be as speedily, as fear could roll into the hearts of the unexpected. Birds have a keen sense of detecting atmospheric changes, they flee the storm as soon as it encroaches, but will its Millennial counterparts be able to do the same, as they free from their fear and horror?

Opportunity to create fear does not have a slow season, it is forever persistent. The gleaming in the clouds above us, project to us the obliterating facet of the human emotion of inexplicability, but it will NOT stop the inexplicable from happening.