Millennial Politics 1-On-1 with Jeb Bush Jr.

The Y Life goes 1-on-1 with Jeb Bush Jr. talking Millennial POLITICS…

After wrapping up a Young Republican event at a Florida high school, The Y Life caught up with Jeb Bush Jr., to get a bit of insight, as the campaigns hunker down upon the encroaching 353 Days till voters hit the booth for the 2016 Presidential Election.

Referred to as ‘Jebby’ by his family, Jeb Junior is the youngest of three children born to Governor Jeb Bush and his wife, Columba in 1983, making him a Millennial. The Bush Family is considered American political royalty, whether your political scope is zoomed in on a more Conservative or Liberal lens, this is a family which has been referred to on the public sphere as being one of the most successful political dynasty’s in American history, by way of their bloodline holding some of the most prestigious offices our nation has to offer, from U.S. Senator’s and Governors and to that White House on Pennsylvania Avenue, a time or two.

It’s no surprise that as the demographic of our nation shifts, so has the processes in which our globe consumes information. During the past decade Globalization has sped up the quality and quantity of transferring said information to consumers, the world itself has experienced a tilt. Whether this tilt is fashioned via the way we dissect our newsfeed or proof in the desire for political know how, this new angle leaves Millennials at the forefront of tipping the scales at every turn.

Millennial voting, in a general perspective, was a topic The Y Life has been eager to delve into, so Y not do so, with the Millennial son of a 2016 Presidential Candidate, who is tirelessly hitting the road with his father’s campaign, with the goal of helping the Republican parties’ message reach Millennials. We were able to have a chat and touch upon how Republicans and the GOP are taking note of the voting power driven by Generation Y, and how politics and policy has started tilting its attention towards Y’s.

The Census Bureau — refers to people born between, 1982 and 2000 as the ‘Millennial Generation’. This Summer, this sector of the populous officially became the largest population in the country, now numbering a staggering 83.1 million in strength, hence representing more than 1/4 of the nation’s population.

So our first query for Jeb Junior addressed this statistic and pondered upon what this generation could mean for the political landscape of the future?

JR: “I think that is really critical, certainly something that Dad and the campaign are very well aware of. I have been working, even before the campaign started, with MAVPAC, we had a group called the SunPac here in Florida, doing Hispanic outreach specifically for Millennials.

And it is something personal, I mean this is a demographic that is really important to the country and I think young people are really engaged or becoming engaged, and looking at things like 1.3 Trillion dollars in student debt is outstanding, the soft job market, the difficulty to start a business. I mean the kinds of things, that come naturally to Millennials, like entrepreneurialism and technology.. government has been stifling this and holding them back and I think Millennials will have the gage to change that.”

Millennials not only have the gage, but absolutely have the potential craving to do so. The Question is, do we think their voting tendencies will affect the 2016 election?… More so, I continued, Jeb Junior do you think Millennials will play a BIG role in electing our next president?

JR: “Yeah, Absolutely. I mean, if you look at what President Obama did in 2008 and 2012, it was certainly a big part of his campaign, to get elected and re-elected. I think it is absolutely critical for the next President. You know, the next President will certainly be successful by engaging Millennials in the political process, not just voting, but getting their ideas and raising technology. Using technology to get people to the polls and get those important policies too, policy positions to plug into the community.”

Voting is VERY important! I have always said, everybody needs to get out to vote, especially Millennials, whatever party they are on, just getting young folks involved in the process is so important to the Democratic principles that founded our great nation. It allows a generation to feel as though they are part of the process, giving them an opportunity to be proud of the accomplishments their nation achieves via their actions and simultaneously gives them the chance to retrospectively learn from the mishandling of their nation under certain circumstances, proving the voices and electoral power of the people are what help make America great.

One of the reigning themes strewn throughout the Millennial generation, is Equality. Y’s seem to be very concerned with this issue, they prioritize the value of the transitional mindset the world is now being exposed to, and they desire more open- mindedness, as they work effortlessly towards a pace of living where economic, social, political, etc. is migrating towards being more open-minded…

So I asked Junior whether he thought the Republican Party had been able to grow with the Millennial mindset?

JR: “I think Republicans have had a challenge, a tough time doing it.. I think it’s been a bit tough, I think they have made a lot of progress in the last probably 4 years. Again looking at what President Obama was able to do, you know in terms of engaging and providing young people with the autonomy to get engaged in the process.

I think that is something that Dad has been focusing on a lot, again with the Mission: Next platform, getting on 450 campuses, doing events around young professionals and providing young professionals the utmost access to high quality policy, experts, politicians or Dad himself to get engaged in the process.. is the way we have been changing the tone and kind of changing the direction of making sure that there are young people in the party.

Again with these issues, you are taking up the Uber Economy, think of technology and things that Millennials take for granted and stuff that just makes so much stuff easy, this is stuff you can’t regulate… but innovation, is the message of Conservatives and Republicans, so I think it resonates well with young people.”

Now that you mentioned Student Loans, obviously that is one of the concerns, amongst our Generation… along with Job Creation and International Terrorism, which we have seen first hand again this past week with the attacks in Paris, Beirut and around the world… these are some vitally important topics that Millennial voters will be using as a ground of reference for whom they pick as their party to favor this 2016.

Is the Republican party reaching out accurately, are they making and implementing policies Millennials want to hear in relation to their uncertain futures? Furthermore, are they easing worries, the way we desire them too?

JR: “Yeah, I think so. I think one thing that, as I have traveled around, and we have spent a lot of time in places like Simi Valley early, they tend to be young areas where, they leaned heavily towards President Obama.. You know, a lot of folks are turned off or just totally disengaged by the political process now, because they feel, like they have been let down. Because he didn’t do things like he said, I mean like the debt skyrocketing, or the national debt, or the deficit skyrocketing or the situations abroad, just unraveling.

I think young people are looking out for other options and I think when they look at Republicans, they will realize that… We embrace free markets, we embrace national security and we believe in limited government freedom…We have had a tough time communicating that in the past, but that is what campaigns are for.

It is certainly something that Dad is very focused on, to make sure that he is able to communicate directly, those principles, to young people.”

I was about to ask you, Y should your Father be president?…

JR: “I think he should be President, because…
A. He is the most qualified person in the field, 32 years in the private sector and 8
years Governing the third largest state in the country. Whether dealing with the
State Guard and deploying troops to Afghanistan and Iraq, or the Hurricanes
that happened in Florida, or managing a large economy, over a $700 Billion
dollar economy or a $70 Billion dollar budget… and also having a successful
career in the private sector, whether it is real estate or technology…

He has unique life experiences, that at a time where there is so much
turbulence, I think people are looking for. Maybe a little gray hair
coming in an executive, with a track record and a vision, to get our country back
on track.”

As we both let out a quick giggle with the ‘Gray Hair’ comment, I knew where Jeb Junior was coming from, because there is also certain stability for some Millennials, in a name they have known all of their lives. Let’s face it, many of us were born during Jeb Junior’s Grandfather Vice Presidency or 41st Presidency, we also lived our formidable years through his Uncle’s 43rd Presidency… So we have grown up knowing Bush’s, and as we all know Y’s like to feel accustomed to the security of their surroundings, I suppose, hence Y many have yet to leave the homestead.

IMG_7992.JPGBut I wondered, what Junior’s thoughts were, on having another Bush President and what it would mean for the future of Millennials. How does the America of the future look, with your Dad in Office?

JR: “Look the main focus of Dad’s campaign is to create a society where everyone has an opportunity for earned success available to them, if you are willing to work hard, play by the rules, you can go as far as you want, as far as your God given ability.

Given that, I mean it would have Fiscal Responsibility, to get government out of the way, where businesses can start, where healthcare costs would come down, while healthcare quality goes up.. You know, those are issues that Millennials are really paying attention to, because it is a bleak outlook on their future. If you look at our debt or deficit, foreign policy or the job market.. it’s not looking good. So we have to hopefully turn to someone, that has a track record of success and execution. In terms of implementing the vision, my Dad did it in Florida and I think he could do it in Washington!”

Positive outlooks seem rare to find in Politics and to hear Jeb Junior believe that Millennials have a shot at a great future, by becoming involved is inspiriting. He is a believer in his father’s campaign and it exuded from him during our conversation.

JR: “Well check out his record, you can’t… You know, there are folks that are really good at talking and that’s important, to be able to articulate, but you also have to be able to back it up with real life experience and not just talk the talk, but walk the walk.”

It captured my intrigue during our conversation, when Junior referred to the articulation from the candidates, and since most of them, say 95% of the candidates in the 2016 Presidential Election are Baby Boomers, there might be a bit of a disconnect, between the language the candidates speak and the new wave non-judgmental Millennial generation, which leaves a lost in translation effect, upon that one quarter of the population, who doesn’t quite connect to these potential Presidents in every way possible.

How do we find commonality and understanding between the Baby Booming Presidential Candidates on both sides of the isle, and one of the highest numerically powered voting sectors of the population? Who will BTW be voting them into power…

JR: “I mean, look that is the challenge of a campaign. It’s about how you develop your message, your vision and being able to contribute to folks of all different walks of life. I think the way that the campaign views it, by embracing technology, having a really good ground game, doing things like our Mission X Program, where we are on hundreds of campuses across the country.. distributing ideas that aim at what people want. For example we developed something called Jeb TV, where you are able to get rich content and data on issues… I think the campaign is trying to do things to provide that content, on the challenges and issues people care about.”

Now, I too want to check out JebTV, I think open forums of content provided by candidates are great ways to reach out to Millennials, because the internet is so very often our constant source of information.

JR: “All of the videos on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere are developed by being able to do rapid response.. whether it is the Syrian Refugees or whatever issues popped up that week.”

Lastly, we had to know since he himself is a Millennial, if there was one issue, that concerned him in 2016 Politics.. Whether in choosing a political candidate or just in observance of the political process of the coming election…

JR: “I will tell you one thing that I have learned in the past six months just campaigning, and that enters into the process, that there is just so much information out there and one it is not filtered and it is hard to get good data. So I would say one thing I try to do, is really try to get accurate information, that has been scrubbed and is as objective as possible.

It is something that I have noticed and as a Millennial I try to filter out the best I can on the issues that I am focused on.”

I am 1000%, a complete believer in that, Millennials like to make up their own mind, we want to be given the facts and allow us the opportunity, a lot of us went to school and we are smart young people, we want to make up our minds for ourselves, on the facts and not opinions. I too believe that is a great lesson, one that we are all learning and trying to alter slowly, but surely.

Thank You so much, to Jeb Bush Jr. for joining The Y Life. Continue checking in with The Y Life throughout the political season, as we shed more light on what Millennials are looking for as they prepare to go to the polls in November of 2016!

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