5 Signs You’re On A Bad Date

You’re primped, perfected and ready to go. You meet him and you’re excited to see how it goes but quickly realize the romantic, fun-filled night you have imagined may not go as planned. For those moments, her are some signs you may want to look out for and if you see them, get out fast.

Presentation Not So Perfect 

So you decided to dress up! That’s great. It’s a first date and presentation is key to opening the door to more but he apparently didn’t get the memo and came dressed not up to par. Could this be an indication of how things will be from then on? Who knows but if he didn’t dress up for you, what else would he not do.

Bad First Date Picks

So the place he chose isn’t’ romantic or somewhat nice, maybe they have amazing food and if he’s good company, even better but if it isn’t then why are you there? Try to find that out. If it’s just because it was cheap and easy, then you may want to think twice about continuing this.

It’s All About Him

Nothing worse than getting stuck with a chatty Cathy especially one who thinks he is God’s gift to earth. Whether he truly believes that or he’s saying it as a front, it’s not okay for one person to talk the whole time on a first date, especially if its all about them.  If you can, try and say goodbye in between sentences before you go. If not, his loss.

You Guys Have Nothing In Common 

If you don’t have joint interests, then what will you guys enjoy together in the long run? Move on to someone you can share things with and not because they have to.

He’s All About The Bod 

So you’re talking but all he can focus on is the beautiful body God gave you. That’s great but when it dominates the conversation, you can pretty much see where this will be headed. If you want that, go for it but if you want something more, don’t kid yourself ..get someone who will appreciate more than your body.