Winter Fashion 4 UR Y Life

Furs & Scarves, Gloves & Uggs, Boots & Beanies … It’s Winter and Y’s love it!

Styling one’s Winter Wardrobe for the coming season, has to be one of the most exciting ventures for fashion forward Millennial women, because there is nothing more powerful that accessorizing a drab coat and making it fab!

From Fall to Winter, whether you are using Coats or Ponchos, even light sweaters… Winter weather doesn’t have to disturb our fashion forward agendas! There are countless options for sprucing up that winter closet… Plus, you might need to be pulling out those sweaters sooner than you think! The first cold storm of the season is expected to hit this weekend…

According to The Weather Channel guru’s Friday into Saturday of this week, we will be seeing “The first accumulating snow of the season for some in the Upper Midwest, Corn Belt, and Great Lakes…” As we put a SNOW-clamation mark on the crazed weather pattern… the cold air in place, will meet another jet-stream and intensify as it sweeps eastward over the boundary of cold air from the northern Rockies to the Great Lakes and even parts of Canada!

So we knew we had to get the 411 for each and every one of you… The Y Life called upon a friend, who just happens to be one Hollywood’s favorite go-to Celebrity Stylists! Toni Ferrara was the one and only to clue The Y Life in, on What’s HOT and What’s NOT this Winter!

Toni, has been a Celebrity Fashion Stylist & Style Expert for the last 10 years, styling A-List talent, such as Scarlett Johansson, Kate Beckinsale, Kim Kardashian, Robin Thicke and Matthew McConaughey, just to name a few.

Toni, Thank You for joining The Y Life on this Winter Wardrobe edition… Can we start off by sharing your most memorable styling moment with our Y readers?

“Well, thank you for having me Lauren!… I would say it’s a toss up between dressing an Oscar winner and launching my first activewear line with Autumn Calabrese, for BeachBody... My most memorable career moments thus far.”

They would be my favorite moments too, right?! Winter is coming near and that means our wardrobe change is here! Fashion is king during Winter, because from layering to accessorizing and having those naturally blushed cheeks… Y’s care about how they look in the cold, so what trends have you spotted this season so far?

Car Wash Skirt. This ultra sexy detail is the elevated version of the fringe trend from last season. Wider strips of fabric flatter every body type while elongating the figure and giving you legs for days!

Faux Fur Vests. This BoHo chic piece has been in our closets for almost a decade, but definitely reappears this season. Wear it over your favorite floral dress shirt and a pair of flared jeans to channel your inner 70’s goddess.

Flare Denim. This FAR OUT denim favorite makes its triumphant return to our closets this fall. So shop in your mom’s closet or grab yourself a pair at the thrift store or mall, these are the must-have jeans of Fall 2015!

70’s. Peace, Love, & Fashion is the motto for this season’s runways. From petite floral peasant tops, to flare jeans, and skinny scarves, this retro trend is groovy baby!

Neons. While the 70’s play centerstage, the early 80’s bright NEONs in detail trims were quite popular on the catwalk too.

Cold Shoulder Cutouts. Cut-outs on the shoulder of tops and dresses are all the rage for Fall/Winter 2015, so find a top that gives you the cold shoulder while keeping you looking HOT! HOT! HOT!”

I have to know… Is the faux pas of NO White during Winter … True or False?

“It is actually ACCEPTABLE to wear WINTER WHITE! I know, you are thinking, wait, you can wear white? The rule of no white after Labor Day only counts in tiny tanks and short shorts. White sweaters & jeans, is what I am referring too.”

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories! They are 100% a favorite part of our Winter Wardrobe… from Scarves and Hats, to Boots and Bags… In your professional opinion, what should we be emphasizing on for Winter 2015?

“I’m really loving the snakeskin patchwork in handbags. One of my favorites is the Ransen bag, for $46 available at It’s a total steal compared to the Ferragamo or Chloe handbags we saw on the runway!

As far as jewelry, less is more. Simple studs make a comeback! Think simplicity!”

We agree with Toni 1000%… It’s just amazing sometimes how simple, can speak so substantially! So basically, when it comes to Jewelry less is more, maybe save your pennies to spend a lil’ more on higher quality and longer lasting pieces that can be used into next year!

As you all know, one of my favorite things to chat about with stylists, is what the MUST HAVE colors are for the season and this Winter is by no means an exception! So I asked Toni what COLOR Y’s need to inject in their wardrobe ASAP?

“The color of Fall 2015 is called Marsala. I prefer to call it Bordeaux, it’s the deep vampy wine color that can be used as a basic. Olive greens, browns, and greys are also staples for the season.”

Some say Plaid is the new FAD… How should we feel about patterns like Houndstooth, Tweed and Plaid for Winter?

“Although Houndstooth and tweed are typical Winter. This Fall the must-have plaid is called Window Pane Plaid. It’s super chic and can be worn super preppy with a white button up shirt or trendy with a denim button up and a necklace.”

Now ladies, we know what you are thinking, all of this Winter Wardrobe talk can get us into trouble with our wallet. Since we know DEALS are vitally imperative to Millennial consumers, living on a Y Budget… We had to ask Toni for budget friendly Ytips, that could help us look like a million dollars this Winter?

“Toni’s 3 Quick Tips 4 Dressing Like A Million Bucks, withOUT spending a Fortune:”

Do Your Homework! Find pieces you like via magazines or, but that stores like Forever 21, Zara, and my personal favorite will have these trends for your budget!

Stock Up on Essentials. Every girl should have a black pencil skirt, white dress shirt, black or grey slack, a colored blazer, V-neck fitted tee, black heels, and a great pair of jeans.

Splurge on Timeless Pieces like leather jackets or boots. These are investment pieces and even then, check or Nordstrom Rack to save some $$.

Amazingly Priceless Advice! As I head out of the house this instant to get some Holiday shopping done myself, I had to ask about the Holiday season and that little voice in our ear telling us, we always have to dress our BEST! So Toni, what is the MUST HAVE New Year’s Eve outfit?

“New Years Eve is the time to be sparkly. I suggest sequins, and if that isn’t your thing, then sheer is your best bet. One of my favorite gold sequin party dresses is…” CLICK HERE for Toni’s NYE Top Pick

For those Ywomen who have been saving up this year, to buy a designer forever piece, we had to know, what should it be?!?

“Splurge on timeless pieces like Leather Jackets or Boots. These are investment pieces and even then, check or Nordstrom Rack to save some $$.”

Last but not least… Are there any tricks, that could save girls some cash this Winter? Thoughts on re-using some Fall pieces, just tweaking them for Winter…

“Of course! There are many pieces from Summer that can transition into Fall. With additions of vests, scarves, and boots, you can turn almost any summer dress from day to night!

Go chic with a leather jacket over a LBD {Little Black Dress} and a pair of ankle booties, celebs like Selena Gomez to Gigi Hadid love to make their dresses a little edgier with the addition of these badgirl pieces!”

You too can check in with Celeb Stylist Toni Ferrara, by Clicking Here

Have Fun Styling Your Winter Wardrobe!