Y-our Music Streaming Options!

It’s the middle of the week and you may need a night out or even a good song to get you through the hump. At least we do! While we can’t speed up the week, we can definitely make it better with a nice playlist or jam!

So, here are the top sites/apps to get music without downloading it.


It’s arguably the most used streaming service and provides a slew of options. For free, you can listen to various playlists and stations. Their premium service gives you a bit more. You can make your own playlists which is great and you can choose when you can play songs. The best part? No ads.

8 Tracks 

This is great for people who just are in the mood for a type of music or artist but can’t specify what playlist they want. All you have to do is download the app or go to the site, put in an artists name or choose the style of music you want and voila, you have a choice of playlists made by users. Btw, feel free to make your own playlist and share!


This is is more radio station oriented so you don’t have as much freedom to get the songs you want. It is however great for discovering bands and songs.


You can build your own playlist and listen to that or you can listen to their prebuilt playlists of most recent, most popular, recommended, etc.