“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”   -Eleanor Roosevelt

Sometimes in our lives, we become so consumed with the hustle and bustle of our routine, that we forget to stop and truly look at who we are and ask ourselves whether we are happy. Rebooting your life, as I like to call it, is much more than pressing down the power button for 10 seconds and waiting for the cable box to reallocate to your DVR. You see, it’s about coming to that pivotal point in your life, when you start to ask yourself… if my story were to end right here, right now, would I be happy with the chapters that were penned?

It’s a hard fact of life, and one where the idea of developing new strengths through a new thought processes to discover a new day, sounds daunting, to say the least. At most these ideals seem impossible to some, because of fear and trepidation to unbalance their status quo, and sometimes if only for a few hours that is precisely the recipe needed to reacquaint oneself to whom we used to BE, who we were meant to BE and who we will still BE!

Growing up I thought by age of 25 I would have my perfect life, that would be playing out like a television show… little did I know, I would be 27 going on 28 and it would play out polar opposite to what I had been plotting. I too became so consumed in the whirlwind of being a ‘career’ instead of being ‘me’, that I lost touch with the girl who loved to extend a helping hand, cook for people because I loved to see them smile, shop because I wanted to treat myself.. not to fill a void and be disconnected enough from technology that I wasn’t anxiously seeking the answers to my life via a screen… but instead, sitting back to enjoy the story of my life that I was completely missing, as it was playing right in front of me. I Needed A Reboot.

There are different ways one can go about this, some people need a vacation, some need to resign from their jobs and find a new career path, some need a religious retreat, for gosh sakes some need rehab… Then I came across a different kind of retreat, that I had not seen before, called CAMPOWERMENT.

Makes sense right? A Camp where the goal is to learn the Management of Empowerment for women of every age and stage! I could’t but help my intrigue, so I reached out and discovered that the team behind Campowerment consisted of a Mother-Daughter duo who are reinventing the term partnership.

Tammi Leader Fuller is the CEO of Campowerment, but around this place she is called the Chief Empowerment Officer and Tammi’s Millennial daughter Chelsea Fuller, who
is the COO/CFO running Operations, Branding and Marketing, is known best at Camp as the ‘Brand Bodyguard’. I just knew The Y Life, had to sit down with these empowering women to discover what drove them to create this safe space where for 72 hours, your only goal is to find YOU again!

So we sat down with Chelsea and she filled us in on the Campowerment 411!
First off Chelsea, let me see if I have this right… Camp is a safety zone, where women can reacquaint themselves, with who they used to be… But, what was the inspiration and motivation to start this camp?

“The vision really comes from my mom, I can’t take credit for that at all, I think most of what it looks like today came from me, but the actual vision was a product of her heart and brains. She went to a carefree camp as a kid, that was her really happy place and summer camp was a place she didn’t have to worry… and honestly, since then she has been either seeking or creating that environment for herself and for the people around her, that is what made her an amazing producer!

She is very determined. It came out of there, and every good idea, has to be done at the perfectly right time and for the same reason people come to camp ONLY when they are ready… Twenty years ago the world wasn’t ready for camp, it would have been put in a weird, life-coachy, inaccessible, bizarre category and now it’s like ‘oh, this makes sense…

So in combination with something that has been nesting for so long in her brain, and also just the time being perfect, because people are taking on more and more and raising the bar higher and higher and not really taking care of themselves in the way they used to… I think it was the perfect time, she was also totally burnt out of making news at the time, it was like she was seeking a restart, so she created a place where everyone could restart.”

The motto “reignite your life”, is so poignant, because it’s about reinventing oneself when you hit that crisis… I actually think Millennials are having their quarter life crisis right now; they’re coming to a fork in the road, where the profession they studied in school is not truthful to whom they want to be as people! I know Millennials who studied to be psychiatrists and are now yoga teachers… I suppose they are realizing their expectations, don’t meet the adaptations of their life.

“I think interestingly enough Millennials aren’t waiting for a crisis to occur all the time, in order to make a change, so instead of waiting for the storm to hit, we are like asking questions and having those shutters ready, because we don’t even need the storm.

Instead of reinventing yourself, it’s like you need to be this other version of yourself, to get better results. That is why we say ‘re-set your life’, because the spark might already be there, and you are not paying attention to it! If you feel there is that little something missing, that is something that resonates with Millennials.. look I have been in jobs that I love and I have a career that I love, and dated people that I love, but still something was missing and the common denominator to all the things that were and weren’t working was ME! So where do you go to fix that? When nothing is broken, but I just wanted to think about it and figure it out, with cool people.. you go to camp.”

Finding One’s Radiance Again… there is so much truth buried in the fact that if something is not working, chances are YOU are not working! In life you need take hold and figure yourself out, I too think Camp might just be the perfect place to do that…

“The thing is, it seems so daunting, but its just a perspective shift, we can’t promise you we are going to give you life altering advice, and totally explode your reality, that would probably be more detrimental to you than anything else. We can offer you, that we will nudge you with our expert insight and a lot of laughter, like you haven’t experienced in a long time. You walk away, with not only some new ideas to bring to the table, but also new friends to hold you accountable. If your friends allow you to do something that doesn’t make you happy, your new friends aren’t going to allow that. This new normal, is the best version of you and that’s what they know.. So when they see less than that, they’re not going to allow it!”

“I think my favorite part of all of this, is the community you get to bring home with you. People you would never ever have met, and if you had met them, wouldn’t have been friends with them… All of the people you meet, find their own lives important enough, and the people that they love important enough, to be the best version of themselves, even if they have to work for it a little. Automatically this is a huge thing your new community has in common. And you cannot put a price tag on that new connection, that you will have for the rest of your life.”

Ahhh yes, the logistics, like pricing and time and the such were all small details that we had to touch base with Chelsea on… Frankly, I didn’t know what to expect, could Millennials afford such an incredible experience?

You too can have this, amazing experience in 72 Hours, which is 3 1/2 Days to be exact.. And it’s like a sleep away camp… You stay in cabins, where all of your gourmet meals and even ‘Happy Hour’ with wine and vodka are taken care of! All of your activities and the “access to experts that normally charge 3 – 7 hundred dollars an hour and you get to hang out with them and learn from them..” are always available to you. The camp highly recommends you leave the makeup and heels in the cabin and YOU just show up…

“Your results from the weekend and what you get out of it and your reward is a byproduct of what you are willing to put in.”

“Well when we are not there, kids are. The spaces are borrowed from kids camps… the place is filled with laughter from little kids who have nothing to worry about! So when adults walk in, thinking they have the weight of the world on their shoulders, we are like how can you feel that way, you are looking at the Pacific Ocean, or you are totally emerssed in this perfectly picturesque mountain range, with cool people, amazing experts and no distractions!”

The cost of this experience is, $1399 for the entire experience, which is relative to the benefits you will reap and it’s not just women talking to each other, you have these life experts that are there to guide you…

“Exactly. Mom collected all the best people that she had interviewed throughout the years, and created her own really, really fun panel… It requires you to be really present, and all of our experts are best in class, in their field. So not only are you meeting these like really amazing people, and taking something with you, which is a standard for living, which is higher than what they thought they could ever want or need and now they are demanding it! But, also you are rubbing elbows with some of the most insightful people, who can help you see different things in your own life. It’s just collecting the insights that shift your perspective, and help you say ‘ I have this’.. ‘I want this’.. now what is my plan of action. You can walk away with a roadmap.

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All right so now to that pretty cool fact that Mom and Daughter team are running the show…

“She is the balloon and I am the string, she comes up with these wild dreams and fantasies and I am the one that says this can exist and here is how, and that other thing we are going to table it, and that other other thing that doesn’t make sense!”

Chelsea lets out a quick giggle and continues to delve into the dynamic that makes their Campowerment team so strong… Frankly, I love the fact that Mom and Daughter are working together, and that this entire experience could also be a bonding moment for Moms and their Daughters to experience together, what a special and safe space to explore that relationship…

“I think Specifically the relationship I have with my mom is really interesting, my work and regular, are very special, but even more than that.. I think our secret sauce for Campowerment is that inter-generational mix, because I think that so many women and just people in general assume these roles and titles, for themselves and for the people around them as we get older. When you are a kid, you get to just be Lauren and you get to just be Chelsea, and as your grow, you become Lauren is a writer and you become Lauren the daughter, Lauren the Girlfriend and Lauren all of these other things… so that’s how the people that are close to you view you! What I really like about camp is that we create this space where 20 somethings, 40 somethings and even 70 somethings are walking into total level playing fields, where they can just be Lauren and Chelsea and Tammi! Nobody knows their story and most of the people have no idea the roles you have assumed in your life, so you are sort of back to the baseline, when you show up, you get to kind of make it up and that is what we share with kids summer camps…. So, I think because of that it’s really freeing for young people…

We can lead by example in that way, I think it is really amazing that it is family owned and operated and I love that so much, but I so think that if people come with their daughter or they don’t you always have that inter-generational mix that is really freeing and does provide that lesson you can bring home.”

That love goes both ways, so when The Y Life reached out to CEO Tammi Leader Fuller to share her thoughts on how incredible this journey has been to walk with alongside her daughter, she had such touching things to say, we just had to share them with you!

“Most mothers love their daughters to the moon and back, but when I gave birth to Chelsea 27 years ago, I could never have imagined one day working with her to create this kinda magic at our happiest place on Earth…engineering a program that is helping so many people!

She is way smarter, more kind and a lot more organized than I am. I never thought SHE would be the one I trust, to help turn my lifelong dream into reality… Over the last year, we have had a role reversal of sorts- she’s the brilliant, hip, digitally-savvy, corporate-wise and the one who is making the deals and quietly leading this movement. I’m deferring to her…if I didn’t love and respect her so much, it might actually piss me off.

I was always the producer in the back running the show and now I’m front and center but she’s quietly in the back completely in charge. She’s a rock star and I’m just so blessed to have her on my team and by my side every single day even though she’s 3000 miles away. What mom doesn’t want to talk to her daughter 10 times a day? Sometimes though when I see she’s calling, I worry that now I’m the one who’s in trouble. It’s actually pretty hilarious…”

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