CLEO me anytime!

Well we are off to a manic Monday after an eventful weekend and there is only one thing we need, the inside scoop on an amazing foodie experience!

From Hollywood to Las Vegas and South Beach to The Bahamas, this chic yet quaint foodie paradise, named OpenTable’s “50 Hottest Restaurants in the U.S.” bodes every ounce of culinary fascination, which will lead you down the trail of a flawlessly meaningful cultural experience.

From the esteemed SBE Global Hospitality and Entertainment Company, whom is making moves to spread its mission of, Styled Luxurious Service, to every nook and cranny of the globe… CLEO is reigning in the tastebuds of our Millennial Empire.

From the moment one steps into CLEO, you are enamored by the cultural experience effortlessly transporting you, to dinning in the Middle East. From the aroma of Chef Danny Elmaleh’s cuisine, which sends the turmeric and tahini rushing to tickle at your very senses, and the chorus of the ruffles from the paper sacks sheltering the famous la-fah, which is a Middle Eastern flatbread in the air of Iraqi pita and Israeli ash-tanur, you will be whisked away on a magic carpet ride of delicious bites.

As Cleopatra reincarnated herself into an Egyptian goddess, you too will feel as you are royalty dining on traditional fare from 30 BC; with décor strewned around you designed by Matthew Rolston’s expert touch, encompassing a certain unexplainable vibrancy in the details of its glamorous Tinseltown flare, meeting at the paradigm of traditional Middle-Eastern culture and New York modernity… CLEO translates into a perfectly styled مطعم (mateam).

YHistory: The name Cleopatra is derived from the Greek name Κλεοπάτρα (Kleopatra), meaning ‘she who comes from glorious father’… Cleopatra was regarded as a great beauty, renowned for her intellect, which was proven by her spoken word in 9 differing languages.

CLEO simply captures new flavors and perfectly blends them with the classical spices that make this culinary adventure, one of a kind, like I hadn’t indulged on in years. The plates are sharable and you want them to be, so you can nibble on a little bit of everything and delight the temptress inside you to their uniquely handcrafted cocktails, inspired by the cities CLEO is in.

This Mediterranean-inspired warm and intimate setting will help you explore the truth that resides within old world flavors, and helps to find the perfect breeding ground for creating culinary masterpieces of a modern world. The Lebaneh with Feta was creamy, zesty and perfectly paired with Laffa… if you happen to be Gluten Free indulge in the Hummus with Tahini and make sure to order some Veggie sticks, which are crunchy to perfection in complimenting the silky smooth Hummus… The Grilled Octopus with shaved celery, olive oil marinated Potatoes and drizzled with Lemon Vinaigrette was out of this world, the Octopus was grilled to tender perfection… The Sonoma Roasted Lamb with Lebaneh and Israeli Couscous was also a hit at our table, tender and perfectly configured with a sprinkle of freshly picked edible flowers to complete the harmonization of the dish.

When push comes to shove, if you want delicious Middle-Eastern delights head on over and CLEO me anytime!

XO, L.