Yspiration: One Question, A lot Of Answers

Whether you consider this the conclusion or start to the week, everyday is meant to be an opportunity to be better. That’s what ‘Yspiration’ Sundays are for.

Following this week of mischief, especially from Halloween festivities, there may be some questionable actions that may have seemed fun in the moment but later not so great. It happens to all of us but all of us can also choose to learn from it.

For these types of situations, a certain set of questions may help you look at these moments or decisions and decide on learning from them or attempt to correct them.

When in a dire moral/ethical dilemma, ask yourself:

If everyone in the world did this, would it be a better or worst place? 


Well, would it? This question has helped lead me to the right path numerous times and hopefully it will help you too.

G & L at The Y Life wish you an amazing week to come.